3 Zodiac Signs Whose Pride Gets In The Way Of Love During Mars In Leo On May 20, 2023

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Pride Gets In The Way Of Love During Mars In Leo On May 20, 2023
May 2023

Three zodiac signs let pride get in the way of love on May 20, 2023, due to Mars in Leo. All zodiac signs will experience an ego-bruising today that cannot be helped on Saturday. Sometimes 'ego' is not such a bad thing, and even though it's gotten the worst rap imaginable over the years, sometimes 'ego' is a part of our identity, and that's not always a terrible thing. We identify with our beliefs, ways and style ... we build our egos on positive affirmation.

Ego isn't always about being the puffed-up person in love with themselves -- that's 'conceit.' The ego is here to help us survive; however, on May 20, 2023, our ego will be challenged by Mars's astrological transit in Leo, which could lead to hurtful pride.

Today, we should not be surprised if we run into someone who tells us we are doing something wrong ... especially if we love that person and are in a romantic relationship. It's not easy to be told off by someone we love, and even if they don't really mean it offensively, during Mars in Leo, our reaction to their criticism might be a little more over the top than we'd like it to be.

We are a touch hostile today because Mars in Leo doesn't bring out our peacemaking selves. Instead, it eggs on the part that wants to defend itself, even if the defense is unnecessary. Our pride gets in the way today, and when it comes to love, we simply don't want to hear what our partners have to say.

We have made up our minds and aren't open for discussion. This attitude is a real turn-off; the more we insist that we are a certain way, the more our romantic partners start to see that we are unwilling to bend and get stuck. Which signs of the zodiac will discover that pride is a hindrance during Mars in Leo and not an asset?

Three zodiac signs whose pride gets in the way of love on May 20, 2023:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

You will do something wrong today. Just a simple blunder and nothing to write home about, but still ... you will show the person you are in a relationship with that you did something less than perfect. Ordinarily, you don't mind having them think you are some kind of perfect superhero person. You like everyone to believe you are, but who on earth is as perfect as you want to tell yourself you are? Worse, your romantic partner will call you out on your foolish pride on May 20, 2023.

They love you and want you to relax a little. You take things so seriously that you give the impression that war is right around the corner, no matter the situation. During Mars in Leo, you will feel particularly snappy; your loved one will notice, bring it up, and once again, you'll not only deny that there's anything wrong, you'll rip them a new one for even daring to mention it. Pride, pride, pride. Does it really do you any good, Aries?

2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

You and your romantic partner have a pretty decent thing going together ... as long as they believe in you and your fantasy of yourself. You most definitely do have a fantasy of yourself, Libra. You like coming off as the smooth operator, the coolest person in the room, but as time passes, you've shown yourself to be a little less cool and a lot more neurotic -- and your partner knows this about you.

During Mars in Leo on May 20, 2023, you'll let that facade slip again, and your partner will approach you and ask you if you're OK. OF COURSE, you're OK; you'll shout because you really don't like being noticed when you feel vulnerable. Your pride gets in the way of everything today, but most of all, it makes it so that you can't get the loving comfort you desperately need on a day like today. Mars in Leo is not your friend. Learn how to discriminate right from wrong, Libra.

3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

Now and then, you show the world that you are someone who cannot be messed with. However, nobody is messing with you today. What's going on today, May 20, 2023, during the harsh transit of Mars in Leo, is that you feel like you have to take a stand, and the stand you'll be taking is up against the person you love.

They haven't even said anything to you, but because Mars in Leo plays with your ego, you'll interpret their body language as hostile or judgmental, and even though none of this is happening, you feel as though you aren't here to let them get away with it. You are picking up on things that aren't happening, but you also insist that they are, even when your partner tells you there's nothing wrong and that you should back off and chill. You don't like being told to chill, so you get twice as angry. Pride has taken over and lets you see nothing.