5 Years of Moonology – The Audio Book

5 Years of Moonology – The Audio Book
Jul 2021

I just confess that when Hay House asked me to record my book Moonology as an audio book, I wondered if they were making the right decision!
After all, it's very much a dip in and dip out book, one which you can look at everyday to checkout where the daily Moon is or once a fortnight to look at where the New Moon is or the Full Moon is and so on.
I never imagined that people would want to listen to it as an audio book but I was wrong! I've had so many emails from readers since the recording of the book call mark telling me how much they love listening to it.
Recording it was also much more fun that I might have expected. For one thing, it took me back to my TV days when I used to do lots of recording of voice overs (I used to be a TV producer). Funny thing is that in those days, of course, I was on the other side of the microphone! It was quite fun to be doing the recording and I used all the tips I had from those days while I was in front of the microphone.
Also, even better was the fact that my friend and fellow Hay House author Kyle Gray was also recording his book at the same time. As a result, we were able to hang out at lunch time and talk about all things inspiring and cosmic.
I often listen to audiobooks before sleeping, in the car or when I'm out walking - do you? Where is your best recommendation for listening to an audio book? Let me know in the comments!
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And join me tomorrow to find out how my Moonology Diary series came to be.