Anger is the strongest glue (but not in a good way)

Anger is the strongest glue (but not in a good way)
?>And she didn't mean in a good way.
I found this such a clever and succinct way to sum up anger. It also speaks to one of the reasons why it's not a good thing to keep burning in your chest, if you can possibly help it (apart from it's obviously corrosive and bad for us).
Here's the thing; when you're furiously angry with someone, you are BOUND to them energetically by your anger.
Remember the idea that whenever we think of someone, we run an etheric cord to them which connects us. So if you're really angry with someone, you have a ton of cords binding you together, which ironically is probably the last thing you want.
Not to say that ANGER is BAD. It's not. It's way better than despair, for example, as Abraham-Hicks taught us. By the idea is to express it in a healthy way, not keep it inside.
When you're angry and glued, a situation can stay stuck.
Which brings us to forgiveness and the Full Moon, which is fast approaching.
This will be a Full Moon in the sign of Gemini. Click here for your free Full Moon report. Full Moons are about climaxes and conclusions, and allow us to turn a corner, and Gemini is the sign of the mind.

Anger is the strongest glue (but not in a good way)
So let's all decide to turn a corner in terms of the thoughts we're thinking.
- Even if you're mad with someone
- Even if you feel worried
- Even if you feel insecure
- Even if your scared
- Even if you're hurt
Just. Move. On. If you can.
Remember that forgiving yourself or someone else or something doesn't mean that what happened is ok.
It just means you have decided to no longer stayed glued to that situation or stuck in it.
You are releasing it.
The Full Moon is the time to do this because it's when emotions come to the surface.
So don't let anger keep you stuck. Forgive (even if you don't forget) and move on.
Don't let what happened yesterday hamper you today.
The past is over.
You are where you are now.
Join me for a releasing, Full Moon ceremony...

Anger is the strongest glue (but not in a good way)
I will be doing my (free, of course!) Full Moon ceremony this Saturday at 4.30pm London time.
Weather permitting, I will be out in my courtyard with my fire, releasing it all into the ethers.
Find out what time that is where you are here and register for a reminder.

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