Astro Daily: February 13, 2023

Astro Daily: February 13, 2023
Astro Daily,
Feb 2023

We're coming off the last-quarter moon, one that pushes us to focus on our duties and responsibilities as we start the week. With aspects to Saturn, we may be getting a reality check ... or acknowledgment of a job well done. We have to rise to the occasion.

Speaking of which, we've gotta talk Saturn. It's in the last leg of its journey through Aquarius, a sign it first entered in March 2020. This has been a three-year examination of friendship and community, social themes and social causes. Aquarius makes us aware of our connection to the greater whole as well as the social constructs that shape and define our lives.

Of course, we had to grapple with the shadow side of Aquarius over the last few years -- disconnection, isolation, and the breakdown of systems that were integral to our lives up until 2020. Perhaps we saw major changes in our social circle, including the end of long friendships. (Read more about Saturn in Aquarius: Building Humanity.)

I mention this because the Sun makes its last conjunction to Saturn in Aquarius this week, on February 16. (A conjunction is when two or more planets are in the same place in the sky.) I say "last" because this is the last time they will meet up in Aquarius for another 30 years. You could think of this week as a punctuation mark on our experiences over the last few years, a conclusion of the lessons Saturn's been teaching us through Aquarius. What have we learned? How did we grow?

We don't always think of growth as a word that goes in hand with Saturn, but it's the growth that comes through opposition. Pressure pushes us to consolidate. It gets us to step up our responsibility and accountability. And so we've grown since 2020.


Come March 7, just next month, Saturn leaves Aquarius for Pisces and we start a new chapter of time. In fact, I did a three hour webinar yesterday on Saturn in Pisces and what it will mean for you from 2023 through 2026. You can still get the recording to learn about Saturn in Pisces's key themes. Learn more about Saturn in Pisces and get the webinar.

Join me for my Facebook Live today at 6pm ET to get an overview of the astrology this week. You can watch the replay on YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify.

If you are in AUSTRALIA or NZ, this forecast applies approximately for February 14, 2023.

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