Astrology, Diana, Harry and the Coronation

Astrology, Diana, Harry and the Coronation
Apr 2023

Astrology, Diana, Harry and the Coronation

Some years ago, Diana told us what she thought of her former husband in her own words - and Camilla. She told the world she doubted her husband would ever rule.Subsequently, our Queen has passed and Charles III has chosen a date for his Coronation, with his wife.Maybe Diana will have the edge, though, as her former husband also happens to have chosen a date which falls on the mess of Mercury Retrograde - and just after a difficult Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, his own sign.This fated astrology shows up in the horoscope charts for Prince Harry and Diana.

[photo1]The Recoronation?


Mercury Retrograde usually results in unfinished, final outcomes. There is usually a 're' prefix attached to all that occurs. So there are retracted statements and rescheduled plans. Sometimes there is a cancellation. What a date, to choose, for a Coronation. A recoronation later on?Astrology can show who and what is at the heart of an eclipse.In this case it is Diana herself, as her chart shows - Prince Harry - and someone you have probably never heard of.His name is Allan Peters. He is the star of the documentary King Charles: The Boy Who Walked Alone and he was Diana's bodyguard; her royal protection officer.

Allan Peters, Diana's Security and Harry

If you've read Prince Harry's bestselling autobiography, Spare, you'll know that the title is a wry look at his role as spare to the throne - Prince William being the heir to the throne. It's a jaw-dropping account of his childhood, adolescence and army life.You will also know that Charles III has his own take on Harry's paternity.Harry's anecdotes about Charles's attitude towards him, in Spare, have helped to make it number one on bestseller lists around the world. Well, it's now the turn of Allan Peters to shed light on Diana's adulterous affairs. Except - it's shed near an eclipse. And an eclipse is always a cover-up.Paramount will debut the documentary on 2nd May, with a substantial blind spot due in the world horoscope three days later, on 5th May - and the following day, the proposed Coronation of Charles III and Camilla.

The Eclipse Effect

For all that the new documentary with Diana's security is mean to illuminate, it may well end up being the ultimate eclipse information blackout. People reading Harry's memoir of his army days in Spare and questions about his mother, may be left wondering - still.The fact is, eclipses follow Diana around. Prince Charles married the woman then known as Lady Diana Spencer between two eclipses. Not just one case of the public being hoodwinked, but two.Whenever we have this peculiar, historic play-off between the Sun and the Moon in astrology, we find the lights go out. It's very telling that the key points of her life were about what or who was hidden. In Camilla's case, hidden in plain sight, as she was in the congregation when Charles and Diana wed. None of us knew, because none of us were looking for her. Unbelievably, Diana was also unlawfully killed, just before an eclipse.

Camilla Hidden in Plain Sight

There is low visibility, to total blackout of information on any eclipse. It can be months or even years later before we realise how much was being concealed. It's rather like someone saying "Hey! Look over here!" while your head turns, and in the corner, something else takes place, out of your sight.The astrological chart for this eclipse, below, is from AstroGold. I was just chatting to Stephanie Johnson, from AstroGold - also a guest tutor at The Sun Sign School, about these transits. We're in agreement about this being inauspicious.

Charles, Camilla and the Coronation Date

Further to the astrology surrounding this historic week - the first week of May 2023 - some time ago, I also spoke with Diana's astrologers Debbie Frank and Penny Thornton (also guest tutors at The Sun Sign School) about these cycles.Debbie and Penny have their own, uniquely privileged take on Charles, Camilla and the Coronation date.So many astrologers though - from all fields of the profession - are struck by the timing of this eclipse. What I find staggering, is the asteroid Diana at 13 Taurus. This is just one degree from being exactly in the darkness of the eclipse at 14 Taurus and 14 Scorpio. Yet again the truth about Diana is in the shadows.[photo2]

The Eclipse is the Truth, Hidden

An eclipse is always the truth hidden in plain sight. When you do not know what you are looking for, you never see it.When you are successfully diverted by a 'main event' person or situation, you miss the real facts. It pays to be sceptical on an eclipse. Even cynical!A distraction or diversion is very common on this astrological event, no matter if it is meant to take your attention away, or not. If you think an eclipse means being left in the dark, you are correct.It can feel like driving with both headlights broken, or walking up a street at night when all the lighting has vanished because of a power failure. Yet, at the time, life feels perfectly normal.And so to this eclipse documentary, which falls in Scorpio, very famously the Sun sign of Charles III. Peters knew Diana well. He drove her to appointments. She wrote notes to him. (Some have been put up for auction). There are photographs of him physically shielding the Princess of Wales in a dangerous situation on tour.And yet - Diana cheated first, is the explosive claim made by Allan Peters in this May 2nd Paramount documentary, King Charles: The Boy Who Walked Alone. All of which must have made the younger Harry (pictured) as vulnerable, as he claims.

The First Person Who Strayed

Peters worked for the royal family for nine years and so was uniquely placed to be a witness to history - in fact, a participant in history. He claims in the documentary, "I can categorically say that the first person who strayed in the marriage was the Princess of Wales," as reported by The New York Post.[photo3]As we'll see in the forthcoming television premiere, some of the main players in the drama are not here any more, to speak for themselves.Harry's presence is felt, throughout. This is his chart, below, and a moment of truth about Diana which took place way back on 7th March 2023 when he was at the Uplift Conference in Nob Hill, San Francisco.There's that asteroid again, Diana (look for the D in the chart, rather like her quick one-letter signature). This note from her to Peters, signed with her customary D is a good example. It comes from the internet's most respected auction valuation website, Worthpoint.These cycles from just a few weeks ago, at a time when this documentary must surely have been at final edit, sign-off stages, are unusual. As always with astrology and royalty, we have to say watch this space. And - look for what you're not seeing. [photo4] Main Photograph: Ashton Mullins/Unsplash
Charts: AstroGold