Astrology Yogas and Their Results

Astrology Yogas and Their Results
Dec 2019

Astrology Yogas

Yogas and Doshas, in general, denote the blessed formations and afflictions, respectively, that astrology has in store for the various individuals. These may accordingly give benefits or cause problems, of different types and intensities.
Though most of such yogas turn out only to be blessings, there are also a few of them who may not be that beneficial for the natives. Here let us try to understand in brief about some of the yogas.

Ayushman Yoga

Ayushman denotes 'a long life.' As this name suggests, the Yoga is capable of bestowing longevity on a person. These people may also be physically strong, wealthy, and have a liking for the finer aspects of life, such as poetry and music.

Saubhagya Yoga

Saubhagya can indicate 'auspiciousness, prosperity, and fortune.' It is believed that the natives may enjoy all these blessings in life. They may also turn out to be multi-talented personalities.

Shobhan Yoga

Shobha can mean aesthetic aspects like grace, luster, and beauty. This yoga formation can make people charming and attractive. They may also possess good qualities and performing abilities, along with some streaks of aggression.

Preeti Yoga

These people may be pleasant, sportive, and lovers of beauty. They may also be smart and practical, and these traits can help them to succeed in life. They may hold a fascination for the opposite sex and maintain a close rapport with them.

Sukarma Yoga

SuKarma means virtuous deeds. Those bestowed with this Yoga may be well-behaved and straightforward individuals, who may also be caring and compassionate. They can be conscientious performers too and may enjoy a lot of fortune in life.

Dhriti Yoga

This auspicious Yoga can bless natives with patience, sound health, talents, and wisdom. With pragmatic and well thought out decisions, they may succeed in life and enjoy peaceful family life.

Vridhhi Yoga

Vridhhi can mean growth and development. This Yoga may bestow attractive physical features, good nature, and some virtuous qualities on the natives. Their spouse and children, too, may possess similar traits. They may also enjoy prosperity in life.

Vyaghat Yoga

These persons generally turn out to be highly talented and multi-skilled. This Yoga may give them the ability to handle different matters at the same time and complete them all successfully. This can get them fame and bring them into prominence.

Harshan Yoga

Regarded a highly auspicious yoga, this can make the natives extremely fortunate in life. They may become erudite scholars, and possess the strength of character to stand by their beliefs and convictions. They may thus be held in high esteem in society.

Vishkumbh Yoga

Vishkumbh is a pot of poison, and it is evident that astrology does not consider this an auspicious yoga. But the blessings this may provide the natives with, look remarkable. These people may be both good-looking and intelligent. They may enjoy secure finances, lead a happy married life, wield influence in the society, and enjoy a wonderful life, overall.
Having seen some of the blessed astrological formations this far, let us now get to know about a few yogas that are otherwise.

Gand Yoga

The natives of this Yoga are generally of short stature, with large heads, and may possess tremendous physical strength. But they may be weighed down by problems, worries, and health concerns in life, but still, are likely to be extravagant in their dealings.

Atigand Yoga

This is astrologically held as a highly inauspicious one. People under its influence may be temperamental and unpredictable. The actions of these people may land their family members in difficulties and also bring them dishonor.

Vyatipat Yoga

People having this yoga formation may have a tough childhood and face many challenges. But gradually and as time progresses, these may give way to stability, success, and joy.

Know About Your Yogas

Having got some idea on the yogas, it is advisable that you seek a specific astrological opinion in this regard. Apart from personal consultations from professional astrologers, you may also get the assistance of online astrology, to know about the yogas you enjoy.
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Trust you will be able to avail of their services to your best advantage and draw benefit from your yogas, to the maximum.