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Specialties: BreathPlay Facilitation, Life & Business Coach, Divination, Psychic and Tarot Readings available! Call today to schedule appointment and learn more. Make sure you mention Yelp! The way I do my readings is through "screening". Meaning I can take tea leaves, coffee grinds, tarot cards, crystal balls, match sticks, etc. and use them as a tool to see the images or visions. Also, visions come through me to tell you as we are in our reading together. If you have any blockages in any areas of your life (Family, friends, love and relationships, career and finances or health), that you would like more peace, joy, love, understanding, success or health in that area, I can help you. During our reading you will either already have a question, or I can help you come up with one that resonates with you. We will focus the reading on one subject unless we have more time. Although, sometimes a person may ask me a question that is on their mind, but their heart wants to know something stronger and that comes through too. I am committed that you get something out of each reading. Before we do a reading together we will have one phone call to talk and see if we are a good fit. If I think you might be better served by going somewhere else, I will let you know. This initial conversation is to make sure that we will both be happy and get exactly what we need. We deserve the best. Peace and Blessings! Established in 2000. Ever since I was a little girl I would see things that I would tell strangers about. It would be anything from something that is so clearly blocking them from the happiness they deserve to letting them know that their deceased loved ones "love them". It would usually bring them to laughter or tears. I was reprimanded continuously until I learned to stop and hold back this gift. As I moved through college I learned that it was ok to let people know about these things if they come to me and ask me. That is how I started developing my skill. Over the years, my skill kept getting better and I was able to cut through to the truth so much faster than before. People kept offering me money because they got so much value from my readings. In 2000, I started doing it professionally. I do many other things and being an Oracle is one of my highest joys I have ever felt. I am grateful to be giving back to people and helping people get unstuck. Book a session now.


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