Sensationalism in Astrology

[photo1]I'm tired. And I know if I'm tired, you're tired. I'm tired of being told every Mercury retrograde is the time to hunker down. I'm tired of being told to prepare for eclipse season, and I'm ti...

Mar 2023

September Week-by-Week

Let this month make a big difference in your life: in the coming 30 days, give up some unhealthy habits. Giving up an old habit is never easy, but if you try to make small changes and keep your goals ...

Jan 2023

November's Top Five Astro Events

1. The lunar eclipse on November 8 takes place in Taurus while tightly conjunct Uranus. This promises to bring major changes on a geopolitical scale and for those with key natal placements...

Oct 2022

Top Five Astro Events for July

1. Mars enters Taurus on the 5th, marking a noticeable shift in energy levels. Mars is exiting the impulsive, spontaneous, irrepressible sign of Aries and taking on the more steadfast, reliable, and d...

Jun 2022

Top Five Astro Events for June

1. Mercury turns direct on the 3rd at 26? Taurus, generally a welcome celestial shift for star watchers. However, this time Mercury conjoins the "evil star" Algol and is within one degree of squaring ...

Jun 2022

Astrology Blog Experiments

I admit it's unexpected I start posting real life stories. I never expected to do this again. It's like a retired from it. But then I started writing about my Aquarian friend, Kay, in my newsletter. T...

Apr 2022

The Best Uranus Astrology Books

There are thousands of astrology books available, including texts that go back over a millennium. Most of the books offer insights about special techniques, timing, and various uses of astrology in da...

Mar 2022