Astro Daily: April 10, 2023

The Sun meets up with Jupiter in Aries into tomorrow, a burst of confidence and a push for new horizons and adventures. Paired with a Sagittarius Moon, we're feeling element fire, an element that insp...

Apr 2023

Off Like A Herd Of Turtles!

Mercury is currently retrograde in Capricorn, creating hardship and delays of all kinds. Case in point, a teenager we know got stuck a couple hundred miles away. My husband took off this morning to pi...

Jan 2023

The Clash Between Libra & Capricorn

Libra squares Capricorn. I have planets in both signs so I can tell you how this works.
Libra is a people-pleaser. There is no way around this. If you're a Libra and you are not pleasing people, i...

Oct 2022

Patreon Post: Grand Air Trine

There's a Grand Air Trine coming up which presents a window of benefits and no resistance (provided you work with the energies of course). This is a Patreon-only post for the $1 tier. You can pledge m...

Sep 2022

You hear that...??
It's the sound of the PERFECT TIME to sign up for the Moonology Certification course and secure your $200 discount and $625 worth of bonuses
Hundreds of people have taken me u...

Jun 2022

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius 2022 and 2023
If you have any planets or other horoscope factors in Aquarius, then your friendships and group involvements are affected by Saturn Retr...

Jun 2022