Full Moon in Virgo - March 2023

[photo1]The Full Moon occurs at 12:40 (UT) on March 7, 2023. The Moon will be at 16VIR40.At the Full Moon in Virgo, issues connected to how we feel physically, emotionally and mentally are brought sha...

Mar 2023

The Return of the Goddess

[photo1]Goddess Bhadrakali Worshipped by the Gods from a tantric Devi series, Artist Unkinown, 12th century {{PD}}
This is a reprint from ECLIPSE, slightly modified, and has already appeared here a...

Jun 2022

That Little Bird

[photo1]'Portrait of a Child With a Bird' By Wybrand de Geest 1610 {{PD}}
What's happening right now, in the lee of this eclipse, an event that carried a big impact, the extent of which we may not ...

May 2022

Pick a card!

- full moon week guidance -
It's Full Moon week and the Oracle has a message for you! Each card carries a message just for you, plus you'll also receive guidance from the Oracle to help you make th...

Oct 2021

How to change your life…

See the image above?
I feel this is extremely true.
I've even seen it in my own life.
Back in the olden days, I used to be a journalist.
It's what I did after I left University. It's what ...

Jun 2021

Animal Astrology Christmas eCards

Send these tree-free Animal Astrology Cat and Dog Christmas eCards with your personal email message as often as you like.
Click on individual Christmas eCard to open eCard, then the right click wit...

Nov 2020