Irregular Menstrual Cycle

The discomfort should not be considered normal
The menstruation is one of the ways the female body to self-purify in a natural way. It should not be assumed that the strong pain for exampl...

Jan 2023

What You Get If You Become A Patron

Here's a look at my Patreon tiers - something for every budget and pledging for 12 months (for any tier) means you get 2 months free. https://www.patreon.com/rubyslipper
*$1 per month: advance acce...

Dec 2021

Become A Patron

What are the benefits of becoming a Patron?
exclusive, Patron only posts
exclusive, Patron only posts
all posts emailed directly to you
all posts emailed directly to you
two months free...

Aug 2021

Patreon Post: Venus Square Neptune

A new Sneak Peek Patreon post (for $5 Patrons) is up. It's a monthly behind-the-scenes look at a particular blog post. Here I look at my May 27th post on Venus square Neptune.
Please check out my ...

May 2021

Taurus Moon: Going Slow

[photo1]Symbolon Venus/Taurus
I read this post, about two commitment weekends recently which sounded oh so Taurus Moon.
Sarah Wilson writes about how our weekends have become so full of trying t...

Jul 2013