Vacillating Between Love & Hate

Sometimes I see a person who seems to cycle back and forth between love and hate. They love, love, love someone... and then they hate that same person with fervor. Then they love them again and you j...

Dec 2022

mars Lilith Aspects ~ Red Hot & Holy?

Mars Lilith aspects scream sex like no other. The hard aspects; Mars conjunction Lilith, Mars square Lilith and Mars opposition Lilith will cause more controversy. While the soft aspects Mars sextile ...

Oct 2022

Aspects Meaning In Astrology

What are the aspects meaning in astrology? In this post I will describe the significance of the major Ptolemic aspects used in traditional astrology. (Plus one!) However, In my practi...

Jul 2021

The Halloween Full Moon and You

If you are a Premium Member, check your personal birth chart now to see if you have anything at 8 degrees of the zodiac signs. That part of your horoscope, by sign and house (life department) will be ...

Oct 2020

New Moon in Cancer

The July 20th New Moon (28 deg Cancer) opposes Saturn Rx in Capricorn. A New Moon is a new beginning but an opposition is an ending. So we have a culmination that's strictly defined b...

Jul 2020

Astrology of Attraction

We're not all attracted to each other (well at least speaking as a woman, anyway), so how can you tell astrologically if you have intense attraction with someone? The first t...

Oct 2018