Astro Daily: May 1, 2023

Pluto turns retrograde in Aquarius, which is not only a powerful start to the month, but a major checkpoint with an energy that will be with us into the coming years. Pluto is a force of transformatio...

May 2023

AI Astrology: You Think I’m Kidding

I woke up this morning with an email promoting as plugin that writes content for you. We all know this is coming and it's here.I installed the plugin and told it to write about the eclipse. It chose ...

Apr 2023

Astro Daily: March 16, 2023

After seven months in Gemini, Mars finally gets out of its retrograde shadow. It's been a slow road at times, but one that forced us to reconsider options and choices and to forge new paths. We'll sta...

Mar 2023

Pitta’s Plight & Vata’s Dream

The summer season of Pitta heats us during the longest and warmest days of the year: July - October.
Pitta dosha, represented by fire and water, governs metabolism, particularly digestion, and is i...

Jan 2023