Astro Daily: May 4, 2023

The Moon arrives in Scorpio and we're in the run up to tomorrow's high powered Scorpio Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees. With aspects to Uranus, this lunar eclipse may be a major pivot point for the year. ...

May 2023

Astro Daily: April 12, 2023

The Moon's in no-nonsense Capricorn today, bringing our attention to duty and responsibility. We're going after our ambitions, too. But with Saturn now in Pisces, where it will be for the next three y...

Apr 2023

What To Expect When Dating A Leo

Lions have the loudest roar of any big cat. And Leos are the exact same when making their presence known.The Leo zodiac sign is known for its strength, loyalty, and powerful demeanor.Leos have a stron...

Mar 2023

Astro Daily: February 1, 2023

There's an opportunity to heal today as the Aquarius Sun gets support from Chiron in Aries. A hard conversation may make us feel vulnerable, but it's a chance to let something go and untie something t...

Jan 2023