Saturn in Pisces: Sign by Sign

Saturn, the planet of lessons and structure, will spend 2023-2026 in the sign of Pisces, a sign that seems, at first glance, at odds with Saturn's hard boundaries. As a result, we'll have to learn to ...

Mar 2023

Astro Daily: January 31, 2023

Another Gemini Moon day. Another day that picks up on the business of Mars, also in Gemini. With support from Saturn, get focused and clear about next steps; make the right choices for the future. Thi...

Jan 2023

First Quarter Moon in Taurus

We are at the First Quarter Moon phase.
This time around, it's in the sign of Taurus.
So it's time to...
Release Control
What in your life are you trying just a bit too hard to...

Jan 2023

A Note for Today + Tax Tips!

Of note today: a precise T-square consisting of Mercury in Capricorn opposed Pallas in Cancer, both squared by Chiron in Aries=we may push boundaries in communications, entertaining unwise options or ...

Jan 2023