[Eclipse today] This is BIG!

The eclipse today is big!

Not only is it a New Moon, but it's a New Moon eclipse, plus it's the second New Moon in the sign of Aries in a row... and it's clashing with Pluto.

Let's break all th...

Apr 2023

Full Moon in Virgo - March 2023

[photo1]The Full Moon occurs at 12:40 (UT) on March 7, 2023. The Moon will be at 16VIR40.At the Full Moon in Virgo, issues connected to how we feel physically, emotionally and mentally are brought sha...

Mar 2023

Pride, Psychology & Limitation

Clearly people have limitations. This is universal. I can't say that I've enjoyed Pluto's transit through Capricorn but the energy is compatible with my own.
The sun and Venus are currently squari...

Oct 2022