Change Your Mind, Your Heart, Your Life

Change Your Mind, Your Heart, Your Life
Mar 2022

I've experimented with astrology all my life. For example, I tend to dress for my Venus sign - Leo - royal colors and such, but nothing too flashy. I have Capricorn!
But some days I'd look in the mirror and not feel right. When this happened, I dressed for the moon sign on that particular day. This was a good system for me for decades.
This morning, I woke up wondering what to tackle. Write? If so, where? Make a video?
Possibilities are endless with this stellium in Pisces. I popped up the current sky and there it is.
Moon in Venus-ruled Libra.
Venus in Aquarius.
Uranus in Venus-ruled Taurus and everything is at 12 degrees!
How can you get along with the rest of humanity?
It's become common to call people, "the masses". I don't think this is a good idea. It's dehumanizing.
In reality, we're not cattle. We're not a swarm! We're individuals.
Change your mind, change your heart, change your life. Maybe try to do one nice thing for someone today. Then do this again, tomorrow. I hear that thirty days makes a habit.