Current Astro Outlook With Saturn In Pisces

Current Astro Outlook With Saturn In Pisces
Apr 2023

We saw six planets change signs last month, including Saturn and Pluto. It's been something to see! For some it's been an unmitigated disaster. Others have escaped that; narrowly in some cases. Some are unscathed but even if this is the case, their lives are impacted due to the drama in the lives around them.

I continue to see this, akin to a bulldozer moving the landscape around. You're not going to be able to put it back the way it was.

Change is hard for some while others can easily adapt, they still don't prefer it! But with Saturn in Pisces, control slips away. This is causing a gigantic problem for many. I can certainly relate.

Basically, you're standing on the ground and then you're not! And it's not a rug pull. You don't land on the ground, you land in the water with nothing to grab. Tears are common. Floods of tears are also common. Fun times!

When you consider Pluto also changed signs; think "disturbance in the force", it's no surprise so many are struggling. It's quite a period we're in, by any standard.

Satori and I held a Saturn Neptune workshop. We went through the transcript and while it's in the neighborhood, energy-wise, it's just not adequate to help people right now and people need help. Consequently, we're creating something behind the scenes to address this.

If you bought the Saturn Neptune workshop since Saturn went into Pisces, don't worry. I will find you and provide you the new document as soon as it's ready. We estimate it will be a week or two.

How's life for you, post the Match rollover of planets?

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