First Quarter Moon: Go Get ’em Tiger!

First Quarter Moon: Go Get ’em Tiger!
Oct 2015

First Quarter Moon: Go Get ’em Tiger!
The Capricorn Moon will square the Sun in Libra to start the first quarter Moon phase, adding a lively, energetic influence to the week.
In this phase the Moon lights up, as she's at least half full and growing more day by day.
This encourages growth and progress, and can help you get things done or tackle a challenging project.
The first quarter Moon phase can bring a turning point, or a groundswell of change, as if you finally sense things shifting.
Action is the best use of this energetic Moon phase.
You might
put a plan into action
call or email a colleague with a new idea
catch up with or express thanks to a friend or relative
power through a long list of tasks
What's your action plan all about this week?