Health Benefits of Vibhitaki – Bibhitaki -Bahera -Terminalia Bellirica

Health Benefits of Vibhitaki – Bibhitaki -Bahera -Terminalia Bellirica
May 2021

Vibhitaki or Bibhitaki is an ayurvedic fruit. This fruit has immense health benefits and is used for weight loss, to normalise vata dosha, pitta dosha and kapha dosha.

Vibhitaki is equipped with many medicinal properties used in treating many diseases. It grows in every region of India to a height of about 60 - 80 feet with large leaves which are about 15 cm long. It has white or pale yellow colour flowers.
Ayurveda and Bibhitaki
It is one of three important healthy fruits or triphala. Other two fruits are Amla (Emblica Officinalis ) and Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula).
According to principles of Ayurveda this fruit increases dryness of tissues and is lite to digest. It has Kashaya Rasa or astringent taste. It gets a sweet (Madhura Rasa) taste after digestion. It is hot in potency (ushna) and boosts metabolism. This fruit normalises all three doshas and specially reduces kapha.
Ayurveda Health Benefits of Bibhitaki
Ayurveda Acharayas (Bhava Prakaasha) eulogise the medicinal properties, uses and health benefits of this fruit as follows.
Texts of ayurveda eulogise medicinal properties of this fruit and also recommend to use this in various health conditions. It is a wonder herb with potent anti-inflammatory properties. This wonder herb boosts immunity and act as an excellent detox agent. (read ayurveda detox for men ) .
For painful Joints and muscles:
This fruit has anti-inflammatory properties. The powder of bibhitaki has to be mixed in warm sesame oil. This oil is applied on aching muscle and joints to get a relief.
For dry and inflamed eyes:
Ayurvedic physicians recommend the ghee processed with bibhitaki, amla and haritaki in treating inflamed and dry eyes.
For Cough, Cold and Bad throat:
The small bits of pulp of dry terminalia bellirica fruit has to be fried in pure ghee. These bits have to be chewed slowly to get relief from cough, cold and sore throat.
Bibhitaki for Weight Loss:
Since this fruit reduces kapha and Medhadhatu (body fat), it is used in weight reducing ayurvedic preparations. The weight reduction Kit contains herbal preparations which have this fruit as main ingredient.
Bibhitaki for Diabetes:
Vibhitaki can be effectively used in diabetes. Since it normalises kapha and medhas (body fat), which are main causes for diabetes, it reduces fluctuating blood sugar level.
Terminalia Bellirica for Erectile Dysfunction:
Seeds of this plant are known to have aphrodisiac properties. Hence this fruit is used as an ayurvedic remedy for erectile dysfunction. Due to its weight loss aiding properties it can be efficiently used in erectile dysfunction due to obesity. Its blood sugar controlling properties help to use this herb in erectile dysfunction related to diabetes.
Irritable bowel Syndrome (IBS):
The dry fruit powder of this fruit helps to reduce increased motility of intestines in IBS (irritable Bowel Syndrome). It also helps to reduce the inflammation of walls of intestines.
Terminalia Bellirica during Pregnancy:
This herb should not be used in excess and pregnant women have to avoid consuming Terminalia Bellirica
Vibhitaki fruit is well packed with many medicinal properties that are useful for the various treatment of disorders arising from diabetes, inflammation, obesity, and much more. Preserving and conserving this fruit being one of the major popular fruit in India is very important for the benefits of all. Though efforts have been made to perfect this, which is responsible for its availability everywhere in India, yet more committeemen are still needed to preserve the fruit.
Author - Dr.Savitha Suri. Consultant ayurvedic physician.
Reference https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6286530/