Horoscope of Alia Bhatt, Janam Patri, Janam kundali, Birth chart

Horoscope of Alia Bhatt, Janam Patri, Janam kundali, Birth chart
Jun 2022

Alia Bhat is a very trendy name in our Indian cinema. She is one of the most celebrated actresses in the present time in our country. Today, we will analyse Alia's career as a lead female actor and artist. There are some unique Raja Yoga present in her horoscope.
As per Alia's horoscope, you can see in both the Sun chart and in her D1 chart the placement of Venus, Sun, and Moon gives her artistic talent to the max. She is a multi-talented and gorgeous human being. Although she can be arrogant at times presence of Venus with Sun will give her a friendly and kind attitude towards others, especially towards the deprived class. Her D10(Specific chart for career) chart does suggest great success because of Venus in the 7th house and Sun-Jupiter in the 11th house. In any of her charts, whether it is Lagna, Surya, or d10, the presence of Jupiter, Sun and Venus are very strong. However, Moon also plays a vital role in success and creativity. The aspect of Jupiter on her Sun and Venus gave her immense fame, wealth, and success in her life. The strong position of the Sun and Venus made youth icons and shining stars in Bollywood today.

Now, we have to check her Mahadasa and Anardadsa to gaze at her Indian film industry future. She is currently running under very favorable Mahdasa of (Main period )Sun and sub period of Moon till November 2022. This dasa may give her outstanding success and cement her mettle as a number one star in Film Industry. She will be known as one of the most prolific actors in the Indian Film industry for a long time due to the upcoming success in her film career. She has been in the industry or a decade now and proved her mettle . She has become one of the most successful Film actress in Bollywood and has started the path of her legacy. This Main period of Sun will also give her a chance in the Hollywood industry. She will also shine in Hollywood and will prove her mark. The Sun dasa will prove to be incredible for Alia's career. Her Upcoming Film Bhramstra may give her outstanding success and. Her career and Married life will be very fine till November 2022. She will be in all time high with happiness and success in life in 2022. However, the main period of Sun and Sub period of Mars may give some personal tensions primarily related to health and relationship. Currently, she is has married a big star of Bollywood Ranbir Kapoor. However, the sub-period of Mars from December 2022 to May 2023 will be hostile for her romantic life and health. There will be blood pressure or hypertension issues with Alia. She may develop some phobia. Her married life may suffer fro some kind of misunderstandings and occasional arguments.
In this sub-period of Moon and Mars, Rahu under Main period of Sun will support her more to achieve international fame and success as her best Mahadasa Sun is running in her life. The main period of Sun will prove to be very lucky for her career, but the sub-period of Moon, Mars, and Rahu in 2023 may play negative role in her life and spoil her peace of mind, her relationships, and there will be some some disturbance in her married life. There will be some ups and down in her married life during sub period of Mars and Rahu in 2023. Her health may also suffer and she may face lack of mental peace and anxiety issues In life.