Horoscope of Deepika Padukone , Janam Patri, Birth chart

Horoscope of Deepika Padukone , Janam Patri, Birth chart
Sep 2022

Deepika Padukone is one of the best and most well-known actresses in the Indian Film Industry and internationally. She is a daughter of a famous badminton player Prakash Padukone. Now she is a wife of a big Star in Bollywood, Ranveer Singh.
In Deepika's Lagna or Rasi chart, the combination of Sun-Venus- Mercury in the 3rd House gave her outstanding artistic ability. Moon and Mars in 1st House gave Lakshmi yoga and great to attain exceptional success in life. But Ketu's presence in the 1st House gave her anxiety issues and depression. Rahu in the 7th House always played spoilsports in her romantic life. Her romantic and married life will be full of doubts, confusion, and instability and will lack consistency due to this Rahu.

Saturn in the 2nd House gave her a lot of money after age 30. Jupiter in the 4th House will give her homes and properties in India and abroad due to Jupiter's positive impact and aspect on the 12th House. She will own multiple houses and multiple properties in life. Moon-Mars together in 1stn House gave her great fame in life. This combination in the 1st House is also present in Narendra Modi's Horoscope. However, Deepika was born in the Libra rising sign, making her a very creative, romantic, and balanced individual in life. However, Ketu in her 1st House of Horoscope and Rahu in the 7th House gave her a lot of stress, tension, depression, and a pessimistic attitude. There is a certain kind of hollowness and loneliness in her life. She is very emotional and compassionate and emphatic and sensitive.

In her d10 chart(Career chart), Jupiter and Venus together in the 5th House made her Bollywood's elegant, graceful, and successful actress. Mars in the 4th and Mercury 1st House gave her fame from her work.
?>Her film career began with Shahrukh Khan in "OM SHANTI OM" in 2007 when the main period of Jupiter and the sub-period of Mercury were operating in her life. She started modeling in 2005-2006 during the same Dasa. In her horoscope in the Sagittarius sign, the planets Mercury, Venus, and Sun gave her fame and success. She will always succeed and provide hit films in the sub-period of Sun, Venus, and Mercury. Her Lagna lord Venus in the 3rd House attracted her to arts and entertainment. Her success came mainly in the main period of Jupiter from 2005. She started her modeling career in the main period of Jupiter also, debuted, and then became the top actress in the main period of Jupiter from 2007 to 2016.

Horoscope of Deepika Padukone , Janam Patri, Birth chart

However, the D9 chart suggests that she will have some problems or temporal separation from or lack of love, intimacy, and pleasure from her husband in the coming years due to the adverse impact of Rahu-Ketu. Even if her marriage remains solid as per social outlook, there will be internal battles and emotional struggles with the spouse after marriage. She will dislike a few activities of his spouse, and there can be some mental, emotional, and communication gaps with his spouse in the coming years, especially from 2024. Her Bollywood career has slowed down since 2019 due to the impact of Saturn. Saturn's main period is running in her life, giving her some failures in films.
Although, she will remain limelight publically or will work as a lead actress till 2024. After 2024, she may suffer from deep depression. She may suffer from emotional issues. Her physical and mental health may also get hampered. Domestic peace may suffer. There are chances of miscarriage as well in the future. However, she will recover during the sub-period of Venus and Sun from 2026 to 2028, but her film career will end or slow down significantly till then.

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