How Will Saturn In Pisces Affect Virgo?

How Will Saturn In Pisces Affect Virgo?
Mar 2023

Virgo will be directly affected by Saturn's transit through Pisces. Saturn will oppose Virgo from Pisces so you're likely to meet Saturn outside yourself and I'll explain.

I'm the Virgo, speeding down the road, where I meet a cop! I look at the cop, he looks at me. That's the opposition. He has authority. I'm doing the wrong thing so I lose.

I'm the Virgo. I'm trying my best, I am working hard, being a good Virgo, as designed. I run into trouble. A Saturn figure (parental) sees me struggling, pulls me up and encourages me so I can be on my way.

I'm the Virgo. An oppressive figure comes along to tell me to stop what I am doing. I am stupid, I suck and I will be crushed if I continue to work and speak as I do. Here, I need to persevere. I also need a boundary.

Are you the Virgo? What's happening?

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