January 23, 2023: Neptune Conjunct Vesta

January 23, 2023: Neptune Conjunct Vesta

Neptune conjunct Vesta in Pisces (23 deg)
The dream, vague hint or spiritual longing (Neptune) is contained. Vesta is devotion. Limits consist of absolute focus that's driven by adherence to something that goes beyond logic. When combined with Neptune, you have focused spirituality, meditation, giving yourself to a process.
This is the artist who forgets to sleep, eat and bathe while they create. The seeker who kneels for hours, honing in on the glimpse of a higher power or divine voice. The priestess. The penitent. Something that transcends your reality and involves a sacrifice of the ego claims all your attention. This could even be about giving to a group - your higher calling.
This is an opportunity to contain, even briefly, what normally cannot be contained. Your total commitment to one thing is the vessel that holds and intensifies it. Nothing else matters in this moment and it will be different for everyone - an urge that tugs certain people in varied directions.
Painting by Laszlo Mednyanszky: Wikimedia Commons

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