January 9th, 2023: Venus Trine Mars

January 9th, 2023: Venus Trine Mars

Venus in Aquarius trine Mars Rx in Gemini (8 deg)
The Waning Inconjunct is an uncomfortable prompt about creativity, pride and play. The rules have become oppressive, and while they still need to be followed there's also an opportunity to stand apart and shine. You may feel hesitant and embarrassed but notice how the current traditions are constricting.
Someone else may be taking the spotlight and expressing themselves, drawing a mixture of judgement and envy. How dare they. Who do they think they are? So undignified - or is it?
Venus/Mars can be a helpful antidote to the above. Actions harmonize with what you want. Going back, trying again or concentrating your efforts will work out nicely. This can be a successful attraction, cooperative effort or actions that others respond favourably to in a work or personal setting. Air signs mean this is light, intellectual, a bit detached. Ideas spark and come alive. The key is focusing on one choice and using current reviews/delays to your advantage.
Don't be afraid to pick one and just do it - this is a dance and it's time to take the first step you've been pondering.
Painting by Eugenio Lucas Villaamil: Wikimedia Commons

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