Ketu In 10th House: Meaning, Impact, And Remedies

Ketu In 10th House: Meaning, Impact, And Remedies
Sep 2022

If Ketu is benefic or positive in the horoscope, it gives success and status in the 10th House. Although, your career may see a lot of ups and downs. Natives may attain good positions and authority at their workplace, especially in medical, engineering, or astrology. Growth in occupation will happen late in life. These natives will be strong individuals who may attain wealth, status, and power due to their sharp intellect. Although, there will be a lack of stability in their career. There will be a lot of struggle until the age of 48. The native will work hard to bear all of their family responsibilities in life. However, there can be a lack of peace in family life.
House Posited Meaning:-

Ketu in the 10th House gives failure, rejection, and sadness in their romantic life after initial excitement and pleasure. Love affairs will not be long-lasting, and you may get cheated in your relationships. The person may suffer from anxiety, restlessness, confusion, and mental struggle due to their romantic or married life. The person may not share outstanding bonds with their family members or relatives. There can be a lack of peace in your domestic life. Natives may travel to different cities and countries for work and pleasure. Some people may lose their loved ones early in life or young. Married life will give moments of joy as well as misery in life. There can be some quarrels, misunderstandings, or incompatibility with your spouse. Late marriage can be fruitful. Ketu in 10th House gives a melancholy attitude and attachment to past love or lover,

Ketu in 10th House Impact:-
?>Ketu in 10th House may give success in tours and travels related work. Some people may find success in accounts, management, and hotel departments. Few may become Air=force officers or commercial pilots. These people are good at multi-tasking and may possess multiple talents in life. Although, some people may not be able to utilize their full potential or talent in their careers. These people succeed significantly as coaches, mentors, astrologers, occult scientists, magicians, or Spiritual Guru. Some may gain fame through radio jockey and anchoring. You may work in the forest or weather forecast department. Ketu in 10th House can also bring success in marketing media, publishing, or the advertising world.
Ketu in 10th House Positive:
These people may acquire skills in various fields due to their hard work and intellect. These people have a dynamic personalities. Ketu in the 10th House can bring success, wealth, and peace at later stages or advanced years of life after going through many challenges and struggles. Native may taste success in banking or public service work and social activities. Ketu in 10th House brings a lot of failures but sudden success in life. The real estate business may bring success and ample wealth after the struggle in life. The person will taste success and growth in the aviation sector. The native will rise in their career after 42 or 45.
Ketu in 10th House Negative:-
The person may become dissatisfied with their career and business at a young age. Native may meet with failures despite efforts at a young age. Some people may suffer from accidents and injuries at a young age. Natives may not be able to implement and execute their plans, especially in their business. Some people may find themselves caught in false allegations and conspiracy. The person will have financial instability at a young age. The mother's health or the relationship with the mother can be problematic. Love life meets with failure after initial pleasure, excitement, and sparkling love flames with devotion. One may face scarcity of money till the age of 30. Native may establish their business after the age of 40 or 48. Native may fail to find devoted, loyal lovers and long-lasting love in life. One may suffer from heart troubles and skin diseases in life.
Ketu in 10th House & Your Ascendant:-
Ketu in 10th House in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Lagna gives setbacks at a young age. Although, these people may spend their time on useless pursuits in the early years of life.
Ketu in the 10th House of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces Ascendant gives problematic domestic, love, and married life.
Ketu in the 10th House of Gemini, Capricorn, and Aquarius Lagna brings success after initial setbacks and struggles. Persistent effort and consistency will bring success and growth in native careers.
Ketu in the 10th House of Taurus and Libra Ascendants brings pleasure and happiness to the native. However, natives may suffer from health problems.
Remedies for Ketu in 10th House:-
One should donate sugar and milk to a temple or someone poor.
Wear a gold chain or bracelet in the right hand.
One should also wear a silver ring on their ring or little finger.
Donate black and blue blankets to the poor or the temple yearly.
One should feed Brahmin or priests every month.
Feed Crows, dogs, and cows on Wednesday and Saturday.
Serve black and white dogs with food every day. It could be stray or domestic.
One should indulge in religious or spiritual activities daily.
One should offer Sesamum and tamarind in the temple or to poor people.
Take good care of unmarried females or girl children.
One should throw jaggery in running water.
Flow Dry coconut in running water
One should donate rice and wear a gold chain or bracelet.
One should offer yellow clothes to the Pundit and priest in the temple every Year.
Visit the Rahu-Ketu temple or the Navagrah temple every Year.

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