Main Problems In 2023: Anxiety, Loneliness & Feeling Insecure

Main Problems In 2023: Anxiety, Loneliness & Feeling Insecure

I'm in a quandary around what to focus on right now. Waffling Libra is no help but I'm ready to call it.

Yes, there is a collapse underway. I hate to say it but we are all merely spectators for the most part, meaning most of what happens is completely out of the individual's hands. But you can get hold of what you can get hold of and sure enough, this is what my consultations are about at this time.

The anxiety out there is off the chain. This is something a person can address. If you're not clear about this, let me offer some example of things you can't address: what gets reported / not reported on the news. Who gets prosecuted / not prosecuted. It's a simple prayer:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

In short, forget the news and focus on getting your mind calm and settled, before you disable yourself.

Secondly, on the "security" front, these fears will deepen when Pluto returns to Capricorn. No foundation? No support? You've got to do something about. YOU have to do something about it!

Forget the lies you have been told. Simple logic: two can pay bills easier than one. People need people. If you struggle to form relationships, then address it! People who are taking this on are the rest of my clients at the moment.

If this is you, I would watch that video class. IT'S FREE! Forget being uncomfortable. I have decades of experience; I see the same things over and over. If you watch it, you cannot help but raise your awareness around what's actually going on when people attempt to form relationships.

The information I provided is hardcore and irrefutable. You will see yourself and others and be able to correct and change your course. Playlist here.

The idea here is that you invest in yourself and your relationships with people who can and will actually help you, either because they are in a position to via their location or perhaps because they have knowledge you need that they are willing to share. Discriminate! Quit wasting time.

List your top three challenges below. Which will you deal with first, and how?
List something you know you need to let go of. Can you do this today?

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