Make some Moon magic!

Make some Moon magic!
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The magic of the lunar cycle has been told in stories of ancient folklore and passed down from generation to generation.
Even in modern life, it has a huge effect in our lives. The waxing and waning nature of the Moon cycle influences everything from plants and oceans, our moods, our relationships and our work.
Once upon a time it was normal practice to work with the Moon to make magic. Now people from all walks of life, from all over the world, are discovering with these ancient rites to reconnect with their most sacred of dreams and consciously create their best life.
In what will likely be her only full-day workshop in London for 2020, award-winning astrologer, Moonologer and bestselling Hay House author Yasmin Boland will teach you how to get in tune with the Moon and let it guide you through the conscious creation process.
You will learn how to harness the magic of lunar cycles to improve and empower every aspect of your life. You'll learn how to work with the Moon to make wishes, set intentions and manifest your desires.
Yasmin will share the optimum times for forgiveness, manifestation and major events, depending on where in the lunar cycle you are, and will explain how to use the Moon to create, plan, and even predict, your life.
As well as magic, manifestation, mantras and meditations, there will also be in-depth teaching. You'll leave this workshop with all the tools you need to create your own simple, sacred rituals at home - alone, with friends or even clients - and feel inspired to start working with the lunar energies to supercharge your wishes and dreams.
You'll learn:
o Simple but Effective Techniques to Help You Predict and Plan for The Weeks Ahead
o The Optimum Times to Set Your Intentions and Ask the Universe for Support in Making Your Wishes Come True
o The Best Times During the Monthly Lunar Cycle for Reflection and Inaction
o How to Harness the Emotional Powerhouse of the Full Moon and Use It to Invite Blessings into Your Life
o Discover the Missing Ingredient to Successfully Creating Consciously
o A Super-Secret and Extra Special 'Energetic Clear-Out' Ceremony to Boost your Powers of Manifestation. Plus Potent Rituals, Sacred Ceremonies and Chants for this year and every year
Tickets and info here.

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