Mars Direct in Gemini: Finishing Touches, Moving On

Mars Direct in Gemini: Finishing Touches, Moving On
Jan 2023

Mars will station direct on January 12, at 8 Gemini, ending its retrograde that began back on October 30, 2022.
Wow. We made it. What a ride that was! How was Mars retrograde in Gemini for you? Did you deal with any intense disruptions, tension, disagreements around the topics of your Gemini house? Have you been almost consumed by activities and task relating to the topics of the Gemini part of your chart?
Mars retrograde is known to be disruptive, and especially in Gemini, a sign ruled by Mercury, this has definitely been a cycle that's had more than it's fair share of delays, crossed wires, technological problems and disagreements over information/the internet.
Mars Retrograde Reflections
As I reflect on my own experiences with Mars retrograde, both this most recent Mars retrograde in Gemini and the previous Mars retrograde in Aries in 2020, I'm also coming to appreciate this cycle as a time of heightened focus and action taking, specific to the topics of the sign/house that Mars has been retrograde in.
I'm appreciating Mars as a planet that loves a challenge, and is willing to tackle a demanding or effortful undertaking.
Mars Loves a Task - and a Challenge!
I've learned to set myself a challenging task when Mars is retrograde. It's as if the effort and energy - the heat - of Mars needs to be applied towards something. To help you - or me - push something forward, or help you/me break away from something that's no longer engaging.
I'm entertaining the idea that Mars retrograde, while necessarily unsettling and contributing to agitation in the short term, may describe periods where big leaps forward occur, especially if you're clear on what problem, goal or action item you want to focus on.
Retrogrades = Emphasis
Going forward I want to remember that a retrograde from Mars or Venus is a unique emphasis on sign/house, and the topics the combination might evoke. Mars has been in Gemini for months for all of us, but there are 12 iterations of this depending on the house Gemini is for you.
For me, our renovation has continued steadily throughout Mars retrograde. This week, the floors have been laid, the cabinetry will be installed and we're working towards completion. It's not done yet, and there may be loose ends to come, but we're through the meaty middle part of the project.
(The symbolism of Mars retrograde in my 4th house has been so literal at times - younger tradespeople, mostly men, cutting, hammering, sawing and more. The use of construction 'weapons' to first demolish and then rebuild. The necessary disruptions to utilities like power and water. Home has been a hive of activity, as befits the emphasis of this extended Mars cycle.)
Renovating has been exciting and we're so happy with how things are coming together. And at times it's also been stressful, unsettling and overwhelming. I've learned so much about just how many decisions I can handle in a given time frame, and have got better at expressing what I do and don't like in terms of design, layout, fixtures etc.
Decision Making and Mars Retrograde in Gemini
One thing Mars retrograde in Gemini has taught me is that responding even when I'm not sure can keep the conversation moving and can lead to finding out extra info that will be helpful. I've also come to appreciate the value of deciding and doing, and getting on with the next thing.
I've learned to triage decisions: figuring out decisions that can be remade relatively easily, making a choice and moving on (like when picking paint colours for walls) versus assessing which decisions are worthy of more stewing and mulling and talking over as they are harder and more costly to change, like with tile choices or the bath. There have been some choices I've opted to delay finalising as I simply wasn't sure and instead asked for an alternative that could be changed in the future if/when we need or want too.
Renovating through Mars retrograde in Gemini has taught me a lot about how to exchange information in useful ways - and highlighted how certain styles of communication can be frustrating.
Have you been obsessed with anything during Mars retrograde? Is there a challenge you've been working on? What has Mars retrograde in Gemini taught you?