Mars in Capricorn, Moon in Aries Compatibility

Mars in Capricorn, Moon in Aries Compatibility
Feb 2017

Mars in Capricorn is motivated to succeed, and Moon in Aries needs a challenge. Together, these two can accomplish a lot. However, Capricorn's control and Aries' impulsiveness will be a constant source of tension as they butt heads over who's in charge.
Mars in Capricorn is driven by goals. If he's attracted to someone, she'll be one of his goals. He'll be all business at first -- he's scoped her out beforehand to ensure that she meets his high standards. Mars in Capricorn does not act on a whim. He may not even have whims, but he does have serious ambition and the need to be in control. His control will be evident in his approach to daily life in the relationship, and in the bedroom. But he also has a secret that's waiting to be unlocked by the right partner: his intense sex drive and hidden sensuality (he is an Earth sign, after all).
Moon in Aries needs passion in her relationship, which translates to action, tension and healthy conflict. She's not interested in a smooth, comfy ride. Moon in Aries needs a lover who will challenge her, or at least join her on various adventures. She's an impulsive partner who feels everything at peak levels... including her love for her significant other. If she feels bored, restricted or complacent, she'll act out.
Mars in Capricorn will impress Aries with his determination to win her over. She'll think he's a bit uptight, but his strength and focus will make her feel alive. Here is someone who can give her a proper challenge. Capricorn will be frustrated by Moon in Aries' volatile moods, and Aries will push back against his efforts to take control of the situation. This tension will result in a hot attraction that keeps both partners on their toes. Mars in Capricorn will sense that Aries has no problems cutting loose, and he'll want some of that. They can create a dynamic, progressive relationship, as long as they find a common goal for their energy. Problems will arise if they focus all their frustrations on each other.
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