Mars in Virgo, Moon in Scorpio Compatibility

Mars in Virgo, Moon in Scorpio Compatibility
Apr 2016

At first glance, fussy Mars in Virgo and passionate Moon in Scorpio may not seem to have much in common. But Virgo's obsessive drive to get things just right -- and Scorpio's need to push past all limits -- will blend quite nicely. Virgo understands Scorpio's depth, and even more importantly, he can handle her intensity.
Mars in Virgo thrives on crisis. He may not actively create problems, but he loves the challenge of making things better. When his partner is having difficulties, it's Mars in Virgo to the rescue with his practical actions and targeted solutions. Nothing makes him feel more energized than being useful and effective. While he never avoids problems in his relationship, sometimes he can pick away at a situation that's not broken.
Moon in Scorpio needs a real relationship. Her partner must be ready and willing to confront his deepest secrets, longings and fears. And he must confront hers as well. Moon in Scorpio feels satisfied when she's achieved true intimacy, and this is an ongoing process. As her relationship and commitment deepens, new layers are peeled away to reveal more secrets, longings and fears.
Mars in Virgo will impress Scorpio with his courage. She'll resonate with his desire to target problems -- as well as his flair for investigation -- although his methods will be practical and hers will be instinctive. There will also be a surprising amount of chemistry between them, as Virgo is attracted to Moon in Scorpio's deeply honest energy. The fact that he's not scared off by her intensity will be a huge plus -- he'll be energized by her confrontational approach to issues. Together, they'll create a profound relationship that's constantly evolving.
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