Mercury retrograde in Libra: Venus Shifts and a Meeting with Mars

Mercury retrograde in Libra: Venus Shifts and a Meeting with Mars
Sep 2021

Every Mercury is unique, even though there are some themes common to every Mercury retrograde. If you want to revisit some of my past posts on Mercury retrograde pop over here, here and here.
I want to explore some of the unique features of the current Mercury retrograde in Libra, and to do that I'll start with the planet Venus.
First things first. Mercury will be retrograde from September 27 - October 18, moving backwards from 25 Libra to 10 Libra during that time. I talk a lot about Mercury retrograde for members in monthly astrology guide. Not a member? You can sign up here!
Mercury retrograde, Libra and Your Chart
Mercury's retrogrades shift through the zodiac, lighting up different signs - or different parts of a sign - each time. The sign that Mercury will retrograde in plays a role in describing the types of topics and themes that may be up for review and exploration during the Mercury retrograde itself.
In Libra, Mercury retrograde can highlight topics like fairness, justice and equality, along with matters to do with all kinds of relationships, and especially how you communicate your needs and desires within your different partnerships (this includes work and family relationships as much as romantic ones).
An easy yet important way to personalise how any Mercury retrograde might influence you, is to identify the topics of the house in your chart that Mercury will retrograde in. For September and October 2021, that's the topics of the house where you have Libra on the cusp. (Hint - this is already an especially active part of your chart and life in September and October 2021 due to Mars in Libra, which I write about here.)
While Mercury is retrograde in Libra, he will be influenced by Venus, the guiding or ruling planet of Libra. This creates two distinctly different segments to this Mercury retrograde. There's the period from September 27 - October 7, where Mercury is retrograde with Venus in Scorpio. And then there's the period from October 7 - 18, where Mercury is retrograde and Venus is in Sagittarius.
So we have:
September 27 - October 7, Mercury retro + Venus in Scorpio
October 7 - 18, Mercury retro + Venus in Sagittarius
Mercury retrograde and Venus in Scorpio: Reflection, Looking Back, Going Within
This may be the most complex or uncomfortable section of this Mercury retrograde. Venus in Scorpio is in detriment and has less support to offer Mercury, leaving Mercury to do his best to manage details, decisions and interactions while lacking helpful insight or resources.
During this first part of Mercury retrograde, you might be especially thoughtful, reflective, private and protective. You might be mulling over events or a conversation from the past. You might find your mind churns, as you stew on how a past experience or encounter made you feel. You might gain clarity about a betrayal, a broken trust or a time when someone didn't show you the loyalty you expected. You might finally give voice to some difficult feelings, perhaps to do with being powerless or feeling ineffective.
These churning, stewing, mulling qualities may help you see the past in a new light, or bring missing or lacking pieces of information to the surface. New understanding, about your own intentions or the true motivation of someone else may emerge. This is likely to be cathartic, possibly healing and definitely the most introspective section of the Mercury retrograde. It may be harder to talk out loud or in public circles about what you're processing now. Scorpio, like all water signs, has the mute designation, so inner reflection, like writing, or intimate discussions are highlighted.
Mercury retrograde and Venus in Sagittarius: Movement and Expression
It's likely you'll notice a palpable shift, or noticeable change when Venus moves into Sagittarius. You might be ready to act on or share what you have recently uncovered or learned. The desire to express a truth, or speak out on behalf of yourself or others who have been mistreated may get stronger. Sagittarius is a half voiced sign, and speaking out loud things that have been in your heart may become easier once Venus moves into Sagittarius.
Sagittarius is a mutable sign, of movement, and decisions, events or conversations that have been stalled, stuck or treading water may now gain momentum or be reactivated. Venus moving into Sagittarius frees her from a type of limitation and you too may be more free to speak your mind, express your truth or talk about your ideas. What has been stuck begins to move and change shape or form and it may be easier to look to the future or discuss how you'd like things shift and grow.
Mercury retrograde and the Sun: Insight and Steps Towards Clarity
Venus will move into Sagittarius just two days before Mercury retrograde will conjunct the Sun, which represents the mid point of the Mercury retrograde journey.
Mercury retrograde will be conjunct the Sun on Sunday October 9 and this always indicates a shift in the experience and quality of Mercury retrograde. Going forward from the conjunction with the Sun, Mercury retrograde can take a small step or two to untangling a messy situation. You might learn why something has been stalled, and can now take steps to resolve any delay, like submitting a missing document or following up something that has been lost or overlooked.
The combination of the ruler of Mercury retrograde changing signs (Venus into Sagittarius) and Mercury retrograde passing the conjunction to the Sun, would normally indicate a great improvement for this cycle. And it does - however there may be a short delay to experiencing or feeling these changes, and that is due to two things.
Mercury retrograde conjunct Mars: Disruption, Disorder and Dealing with Damages
One, Mercury retrograde will conjunct Mars in Libra, also on October 9, and Venus in Sagittarius will meet the South Node, on October 10 (more on this in a future post). This means it might take until October 11 to feel like some of the classic delay, review, going back over themes of Mercury retrograde have moved into their more productive, useful, making progress iterations.
Mercury retrograde meeting Mars has a quality of damage, disruption and disorder. Mercury retrograde doesn't always interact with Mars, so this is a unique feature of the current Mercury retrograde.
During this time (October 9, plus or minus 24 hours) you might deal with a disruption or outburst. This might mean navigating a delay, or something like a detour. A frustration or annoyance might become so irritating you have to say something or take action.
Mars can bring heat and heat indicates a situation that requires careful handling, the way you would take extra care if you were handling something that was actually hot or on fire. I can hear the parent voice inside saying 'Be careful!' and 'Make sure you have protective gear'. This might be helpful advice for that especially hot and agitated Mercury retrograde with Mars day.
Like all things this burning, sharp quality of Mars will do it's thing, and then it will pass. The heat will subside. Afterwards, you'll be called to move forward, perhaps a little singed, but certainly clearer, both about something important to you, and something that truly matters to another person.
What house will Mercury retrograde activate in your chart? How are you experiencing this so far?