Moon and South Node in Scorpio: Intensity, Agitation and Release

Moon and South Node in Scorpio: Intensity, Agitation and Release
Feb 2022

The beach was a full of moody blues, greens and greys this afternoon.
The storm clouds had briefly parted, letting blue sky peep through, and we took our chances for a walk along the sand, knowing the sky might unleash at any moment. Dark grey clouds hung heavy over the ocean.
As I looked out over the crashing waves, the view seemed fitting, as if to match the churning emotional symbolism of the Moon in Scorpio. These days, thanks to the presence of the south node, also in Scorpio (until July 2023), the monthly visit of the Moon to Scorpio is extra intense, as if the usually deep waters of Scorpio are agitated and unsettled.
You too might notice this swirling, churning quality to events, experiences or your mood as the Moon tours Scorpio each month. You might feel at sea, or as if you can't settle on a choice, plan or course of action.
The combination of the Moon in the same sign as the South Node highlights instability and matters that aren't fixed or finalised. This planetary pair is ideal for emotional release, for letting go, for purging and processing, especially of difficult emotions or painful memories. Healing may be possible as you move through something that has been stuck or stagnant for some time.
The Moon with the South Node in Scorpio might bring the chance to reminisce, or revisit a feeling, place or person from your past. What you've already been through looms large, as if to gift you wisdom or perspective as you navigate life in the present.
A call from deep inside, to go towards what soothes or settles you, to make space for who and what offers solace or matches the unspoken feelings within, may be hard to ignore. It's one reason I'm taking the next two weeks to return to some of my favourite NSW beaches.
The Moon and the South Node together, especially in a water sign, is a supremely instinctive, felt and emotional combination - it's all heart and no head, as if you've left logic far behind and must wade through the realm of feeling, the land of the heart, where what you crave matters more than what you can accumulate.
In fact, this monthly meeting of the Moon with the South Node in Scorpio might be a time to leave something behind - to end something, to de-clutter, recycle or streamline. This might apply to your physical stuff, but it's just as likely to apply to your commitments, your schedule, the people you see and the kinds of promises or obligations you keep.
This "off loading" quality of the south node can be applied to all areas of life, and may act as your inspiration to only give your precious time and energy towards people and priorities that truly sustain you, emotionally and deep within. Your choices might not make logical or practical sense, but if they feel right for you, that's good enough for your heart.
As we reached the end of the beach and turned back, the clouds darkened, and the first few rain drops began to fall. We made it half way home before the skies delivered on their promise, and the rain pelted down. We got soaked walking home, but felt washed clean and weirdly refreshed and alive after witnessing the potency of the skies.
How are you experiencing the South Node in Scorpio so far?