Neptune Retrograde – Remembering The Source Of All There Is

Neptune Retrograde – Remembering The Source Of All There Is
Jun 2017

Neptune is our connection to the web of life, the sacred script of our existence. Neptune is the 'space in between', all that cannot be seen, or defined.
Probably the most mysterious and misunderstood planet of our solar system, Neptune rules Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, acting like the 'final frontier' of our existence, the place where everything merges into oneness, the Source where we all emerged from and where we will all return to.
Neptune wants to dissolve our ego so that we can be ONE with the source.

When Neptune is direct, we look for experiences of 'oneness' outside ourselves.
When Neptune is retrograde, we find this space of 'oneness' inside. The inner world becomes now the fertile soil of imagination, the place where everything becomes possible.
During Neptune stations, we can feel that the whole Universe is on our side. The ocean, the sky, the mountains, each plant, each animal, everything is God manifesting and coming into being from that place of completeness, of perfection.
The message of Neptune is that there is a unity beyond the egos, bodies, and that separation is only an illusion. This reality of ultimate unity cannot be explained with our limited processes of the mind, it has to be experienced. We cannot "prove" Neptune.
But Neptune is also associated with illusion, delusion, and deception. The paradox of Neptune is that, when we start to believe too much in this perfection, in this unity, we lose ourselves, we have no home to come back to.
When we realize we have 'lost ourselves' the tendency is to stay even longer in this space by using drugs, alcohol, and other artificial mediators.
Like with every spell, Neptune magic does not last forever.
When Neptune is retrograde, it is ok to dive into the Neptunian divine waters to connect with that sacred space, as long as you don't forget to take your diving gear with you.
Psychologically, Neptune is described by our drive to return to the womb.
No matter how wonderful our life is, the longing to return to the Source, to find the paradise we have lost when we came into existence, it is always present.
When Neptune is stationary, or when we have Neptune transits to personal planets or angles, we feel an urge to merge with something greater than ourselves. Our instinct for preservation dissolves and we let ourselves dive into the unknown, without any fear.
'I never walked near the edge
Used to fear falling
I never swam far from shore
Never tried the secret door
But when you five me love
When you give me love
I have no fear of heights,
No fear of the deep blue sea,
Although it could drown me,
I know it could drown me'
Katie Melua / No fear of heights
The Neptune / Saturn square in 2016 has shown us what happens when we fail to distinguish the dream (Neptune) from reality (Saturn). The square has brought us the crisis of immigration in Europe and the crisis of "fake news" all over the world, proliferated especially through social media.
Things gotten out of context and posted on Social Media have become viral. We don't know anymore if what we share on Social Media or what we see on TV is the reality. Fake news also brings very important questions: What is a fact? What is reality? Where do we cross the line?
The dystopian world described in the book 1984 gives very good examples of the shadow sides of Neptune. In the book, the so-called Ministry of Truth is, in fact, a propaganda machine. The word used is a misnomer because in reality, the Ministry of Truth is responsible for the opposite, to falsify the historical events that do not serve Big Brother's agenda.
With Neptune, it is very important to distinguish between awareness and deception. Neptune tells us we are one with the universe, but in this vast universe you can find the good and the bad, you can assimilate energy that serves your higher purpose, but also energy that drags you down.
During Neptune retrograde, we need to be as awake as we can possibly be. Instead of putting the rose colored glasses on, see the world for what it really is. When you find yourself caught into a false reality, you may want to turn the TV off when you realize that what you are watching is someone else's novel.
During Neptune retrograde, engage with myth, poetry, artistic cinema, and positive daydreaming. Allow old memories and dreams to surface. Look for the truth that transcends the ego. And then take what has been revealed to you and bring it to the next level to fulfill your unique purpose. Not someone else's.