Pisces New Moon: Setting the Stage

Pisces New Moon: Setting the Stage
Feb 2023

Welcome to the Pisces New Moon. We've come to the end of the zodiac. It's a lunar month to wrap things up, get quiet, lead with our intuition, and open our hearts. Pisces is a sign that's searching for answers. They just may come from our dreams and beyond. The new moon is exact on February 20, 2023 at 2:05 am ET, 1 degree Pisces. That's 11:05 pm in Los Angeles on February 19, 7:05 am London on February 20, 9:05 am Johannesburg, 6:05 pm Sydney, and 8:05 pm Auckland.

New moons are new beginnings. They bring the energies of renewal and they turn our attention to a new zodiac sign, one that colors our experiences over the coming four weeks. The irony of this new moon is that it brings us to the end of the zodiac, which is to say that we're in the energies of endings. But we're also living through a sign that brings us beyond our physical world.

If Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, starts a cycle, here in Pisces we're bringing to a close a journey that began back in March 2022. During the last eleven months we've worked our way through each successive zodiac sign. The span from Aries to Pisces symbolically represents a life that's lived. So, now it's time to reflect on that life. What has it built? What does it mean?

Pisces wants us to search our hearts as well as our souls. It's the last water sign. Despite the rational and analytical needs of Aquarius, the sign before, it's Pisces that reminds us that our world doesn't end with our rational mind. There are things that can never make sense analytically. We have to go beyond.

You could say that this new moon and the themes it touches on sets the stage for Saturn's arrival in Pisces on March 7. Whereas new moons and lunar months are ephemeral, lasting four weeks, Saturn will ultimately spend three years in Pisces, from 2023 to 2026. It will be the start of a major chapter, one lived as well as built through Pisces's lens of compassion and deeper understanding, endings and release, the search for truth and meaning. (Want to know more about Saturn in Pisces and what it means for you? Get my three-hour video presentation.)


Pay attention to this lunar month, which takes us from February 20 until March 21. It's giving us notes. Reflect on the role of spirituality in your life. Or, where you make time (or don't) for deeper reflection. Feel into its existential longings. Contemplate life's bigger questions. Ask yourself, can you be more altruistic or compassionate? Search your dreams as well as your intuition for answers.

This new moon also picks up on the energies of Jupiter in Aries, which is approaching a conjunction to Chiron. There's a new beginning wrapped in the energies of Pisces's endings. There may be an opportunity to move forward with someone. It may require the courage to heal and let go.

The new moon also ropes in Mars, which is finally coming to the tail end of its time in Gemini, a sign it's occupied since August. It's wide, but there's a square to Mars in this new moon, which means that there's likely some provocative energy to navigate over the coming four weeks. We may receive news, something from the past may emerge, conversations may heat up, or we have to deal with family.

Regardless, we can take comfort in Venus in Pisces, poised at the very end of the sign, straddling two worlds. Venus in Pisces is the love of the divine, a transcendent love that has faith in everything. Look for silver linings and look for endings that prepare us for new beginnings.

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