Results of Birth in Various Nakshatras

Results of Birth in Various Nakshatras
Dec 2021

There are total 27 Nakshatras or constellations in horoscope which are divided though all 12 houses in our horoscope. When our Moon sign placed in any particular nakshatra(constellation) in our birth chart according to our time of birth then it is called our Birth Nakshatra. Talk to astrologer to know more about the Impact of birth in certain Nakshatras.

1)Birth in Ashwini Constellation:-
Intelligent, fond of music and fine art, marriage between age of 25 to 30, believer in spirituality and God, loves family, love for travel, attractive physical appearance. Career- architecture, stock market broking, Physician, merchant, Psychologist, Healer, painter, musician, police etc.

2) Birth in Bharani Constellation:-
eye disease, attractive, popular in public service, occupation through government, honest, healthy, leadership quality, success through writing and publishing, clever, tactful, advancement in life after 33 years of age. Career- Writer, publisher, Astrologer, consultant, business, contractor, real estate, lawyer etc.

3) Birth in Krittika constellation:-
Peaceful, strong, reserved, advisor, secretive, talent in fine arts, intelligent but unstable mind, rise in life between 24 to 35. Strained relation with father, attached to mother, lives away from birth place.
Career- Advisor, consultant, teacher, musician, modelling, singer, dancer, fashion designer, creative writer etc.

4) Birth in Rohini constellation:-
wealthy, popular, fame, happy, success in politics and art, successful career, balanced nature, Good health, trouble in early marriage, sometimes confused. Career- Actor, singer, Dancer, politician, musician, minister etc.

5) Birth in Mrigashira Constellation:-
Trouble in business or in partnership, Life is better if Rahu dasa is passed, Success 21 to 28 years of age or after 44 years of age, Religious worshipper, political mind, clever and shrewd, jealous, bold, sexually attractive, beautiful. Career- Gemologist, Engineer, Researcher, Developer, Astrologer, poet, Historian, writer, philosopher etc.

6) Birth in Ardra constellation:-
Egoistic, delayed marriage, curious mind, thirst for knowledge, Good in communication, orator, Sometimes ungrateful and mischievous. Career- Drug dealer, Butcher, Athlete, sales social service, public relation, teacher, writer, hospital work etc

7) Birth in Punarvasu Constellation:-
popular in opposite sex, writing skill, Gynecologist, Good speaker, Happy life, friendly, magician, lot of self -control and discipline, Problems in marriage and married life. Career- Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, Writer, Entertainer, Tarot Reader, Actor, Publisher, Drama artist, Astrologer etc

8) Birth in Pushya Constellation:-
Life improvement after 33 , problems in family life, Virtuous, wealthy, political inclination high contacts, Highly Educated, some problem to mother or with mother. Career- Aquatic researcher, Biologist, Geologist, Artist, Musician, Police, Military, Government job, politician etc

9) Birth in Ashlesha Constellation:-
Poetic nature, Research and organisational skill, learned, writing & speaking gift, Astrological knowledge, intuitive, mystic nature, political win, leadership quality, success in career. Career- Zookeeper, Mystic occult talent, Astrologer, teacher, lawyer, writer, politician etc.

10) Birth in Magha Constellation:-
Angry nature, hot tempered, restless, physically strong, Charitable, Enterprising, Recognized and rewarded by government, social activist and social worker etc. Career- Archaeologist, Historian, lawyer, Head of corporation, authority in government work or job, Musician, Manager, self-employed, creative.

11) Birth in Purva Phalguni:-
Teaching skill, Mystic nature, sweetly spoken , generous, charitable, creative, beautiful personality, wealthy, attractive, artist, intelligent, lover of nature wandering, traveller etc.
Career:- Sex therapist, professor, teacher, politician, work in Television industry, Radio anchor, photographer, model, actor, musician, seller, business marketing, singer, sports star etc.

12) Birth in Uttar Phalguni constellation:-
independent, sweet nature, clean hearted, tactful, much comfort and luxury in life, respected in society, best period in middle age from 38 to 62, friendly nature, good married life, happy, intelligent, admirable etc.
Career- Mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, healing arts, state health employee under government, sales business, media world personality and career, philanthropist, social worker, etc.

13) Birth in Hasta Constellation:-
Many ups and downs in life, moody, much friends, unattached values and emotions, spiritual, sweet smile, attractive, late wealth in life, practical, creative, cunning, smart, tactful, diplomat, success in occupation in middle years of life. Career- work with government, Public relation work, work in Human resource development , work in Bpo, work as PWD officer or BDO, writer, tele communicator, radio, sale and marketing, scholar, orator, artist, painter, doctor, healer, hospital work, work in administration or management level etc.

14) Birth in Chitra Constellation:-
Difficulties and problem in marriage and married life, popular in public sphere, fame, difficulties with father, attractive personality,, charming demeanour, gains from mother, Artist, Great lover and sexually magnetic.
Career- Work in TV industry, Publications, Priest , Lawyer, acting, drama, Religious teacher, Radio anchor, Police, Cbi, Detective officer, Army etc.
15) Birth in Swati constellation:-
Good progress in life after 30 years of age, traveller, difficulties in marriage and married life, clever, tactful, gains fame, diplomat, GHonest, admant, independent, courageous, hot tempered, compassionate etc
Career:- Travel Industry, Hotel industry, food Industry, Transport industry, Llegal profession, Priest , yoga Teacher, sales, Business proficiency etc

16) Birth In Vishakha Constellation:-
Equal support and acceptance for all religion, Trustworthy, Stable, Truthful, Crowd attraction quality, eloquent speaker, writer, convincing power, intelligence, leadership quality, leader of large group or organization.
Career:-Lawyer, Politician, Public speaker, mass popularity, writer, scientist, innovation, Researcher etc.

17) Birth in Anuradha Constellation:-
Problem in love and Marital life,wealthy and handle difficult situation easily. Attracts crowd easily, mass speaker, eloquent speaker, activist, politician, popular, convincing power, writer, orator, scholar, magnetic personality and intelligence, sharp mind. Career:- Plumber, dentist, engineer, mining industry, planner, manager, Travel and Tourism Industry, wanderer, Business management, Accountant, Organizational skill, Head of Organization or Manager.

18) Birth in Jyestha Constellation:-
Mentally worried, tormented, struggle and hardship in early life, once poor but earn good amount of wealth in later part of life.Musically gifted, Virtuous, Victories, many job change or profession change, angry at times, restless, Dynamic. Good stamina. Career:- Detective, Police, Modelling, Dancing Actor, Anchor, weiter, public Speaker, Philosopher, Scholar, engineer, fame, High Intellect work skill, star, Sports star, Management skill.

19) Birth in Mula Constellation:-
Success in foreign land, spend money freely, lot of friends, luxurious, passionate, wealthy, peace loving , proud, attractive. Career:- Spiritual Scholar or Guru, teacher, lawyer, Philosopher, socially elated, pharmacist, Public Speaker, Business management, government officer, press, sales and Marketing etc.

20) Birth in Purva Ashadha Constellation :-
Strong attachment with friends or lover, High Philosophy, Writing skill, creative power, good communication skill, charismatic leader, charming, obstinate etc. Career:- Foreign Trader, Intelligent speaker, Debator, work in shipping Industry, Travel Industry, Lawyer, Politician, Film Actor, Public Speaker etc.

21) Birth in Uttara Ashadha Constellation :-
Success after 35 years of age. Trouble in marriage, one is grateful, pure hearted, charming, refined, good taste in music, life, and food, intelligent, leadership quality graceful. Career- Boxer, Fighter, Athlete, Social worker, Government job, Hunter, Researcher, Pioneer, Scientist, Military work etc

22) Birth in Shravana Constellation:-
Jealous, good life partner, Principled life, political inclination, wealthy, fame, Good host, creative work, genius in work field, art interest. Career:- Business , politics, Geologist, Photographer, designer, Teacher, Speech therapist Astrologer, Artist etc

23)Birth in Dhanishtha Constellation :-
Trouble or delay in marriage, Difficult to convince him or her, controversial, fond of music and poetry , rash, daring, liberal, wealthy, bold and outspoken. Career:- work in charitable organization, Researcher, Doctor, Engineer, Scientist, real estate business, Property manager, Musician etc.

24) Birth in Shatabhisha Constellation:-
Astrology interest, psychologist, adamant, stubborn, honest, charitable, trust worthy, healer, excellent memory etc. Career:- Development officer or engineer in government field, Astrologer, Priest, Mathematics work , Statisticians, clerk, research work, writer, physician, secretary etc

25) Birth in Poorva Bhadrapada Constellation:-
Witty, cynical, writer, scholar, wisdom, intuitive, occult knowledge, wealthy,, spiritual path, teaching skills. Career;- Astrologer, Priests, Occultist, Black magician, Administrative work service, planner, manager, Business skill

26) Birth in uttara Bhadrapada Constellation:-
Overcome enemies, happy, wise, clever in speaking, service oriented attractive, innocent looking, good hearted, good children, happy marriage and family life. Career:- Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Mystical work, saint, Priest, charitable work, Work in Travel Industry, import and export work, writer, Philosopher etc

27) Birth in Revati Constellation:-
Charitable work, Succes after marriage, good married life, fame in foreign land, beautiful magnetic personality, courageous, wisdom, lover of pets, favourite of public, very wealth in middle years of life. Career:- Scholar, religious teacher, Spiritual work, healer, Editor, Journalist, Film Actor, Comedian, Politician, Humanitarian work, Government position , urban planner , Travel agent, Flight attendant, pilot, writer, publisher etc.