Saturn In Pisces: Compassionate People Set Boundaries

Saturn In Pisces: Compassionate People Set Boundaries
Mar 2023

In an ideal world there are no limits to compassion. In the real world, limits exist. This is a primary thing we'll learn during Saturn's transit of Pisces.

During this transit, Pisces will suffer until and unless they overcome the block the prevents them from creating boundaries with people who routinely drain their energy. This is true for others who struggle in a similar way.

Keep in mind the idea "boundaries" applies to interactions between you and others but they also apply to you as an individual. Did you say you weren't going to eat that cake? What's it doing in your hand?

I had a client this morning in a situation like this. I explained, the sooner they placed the boundary, the better. The minute they got it done, reality (Saturn) would shift (Pisces) as they would in line with and on top of their transit. It's a really good feeling, you can only get by facing your fear and doing what you need to do.

It's also the way to stop the suffering, which can seem limitless. It can actually be limitless, if you don't find a way to check your situation. If you can't manage, I can help. It seems, yesterday's story illustrates not only how this can be done, but just how hard it can be. Obi Wan Kenobi, PhD.

Do you need to place a boundary at this time?

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