Saturn in Pisces: Sign by Sign

Saturn in Pisces: Sign by Sign
Mar 2023

Saturn, the planet of lessons and structure, will spend 2023-2026 in the sign of Pisces, a sign that seems, at first glance, at odds with Saturn's hard boundaries. As a result, we'll have to learn to go beyond the borders of our physical world and into our dreams.

What will this mean for your Sun and rising sign for the next three years? Read below for both.

If you want a detailed explanation of Saturn in Pisces, read my full report at Saturn in Pisces: The Look Within. I also have a three-hour video presentation in my webinar, Saturn in Pisces: 2023-2026, which has an overview followed by a sign-by-sign presentation.

Saturn is in Pisces from March 7, 2023 to May 25, 2025 and September 21, 2025 to February 14, 2026.

Aries or Aries Rising -- Spirituality, retreat, the unconscious, inner search. Saturn in Pisces is the end of a long journey. Perhaps you feel this literally or it's a symbolic ending. Over the next three years, you're letting go of the past and cleaning out the baggage. You also may feel a strong pull to search for meaning and answers, whether through meditation or spirituality, especially anything that digs into the unconscious. There is a need to make sense of life and go within. For some, it's a retreat, a rest, and recuperation. For others, there's a liminal feel, like life is fading from one chapter to the next.

Taurus or Taurus Rising -- Friends, community, networks, social causes. After building career and professional direction from 2020-2023, the next three years, until 2026, is a need to look ahead. What are your next goals? What is your vision for the future? While you may be dreaming of the road ahead, it's also a time to build community and friendship as well as a larger awareness of the world. For some, it's a need to volunteer for causes that touch the heart and soul. For others, it may be a time where friendships may come to an end.

Gemini or Gemini Rising -- Career, direction, public persona, responsibility. This is the start of a major chapter, one that will span over the next three years. During this time, you may be pushed to take on new duties and responsibilities, to take a step up not only in your career, but the world as well. One of the main driving questions you may be pondering, "What do I want to be when I grow up?" Regardless of age and phase of life, the bar is set higher for you. There may be major milestones, achievements, and changes in status and title. For some, the change in title means becoming a first-time parent. For others, it's a major accountability check.

Cancer or Cancer Rising -- Faith, truth, meaning, education, travel. Coming out of the last three years and the difficult emotional terrain that you may have had to face, Saturn brings you back to the light. The next three years will push you to make sense and meaning of these experiences. Do you still have faith? What do you believe in? It's a need to build a philosophical framework, an external sense of direction that may call upon the teachings of others or even religion. For some, it's a return to school, especially the need to focus on higher education and specialty training. For others, it's a need to search the world, to travel, and explore different cultures and foreign lands.

Leo or Leo Rising -- The deep self, emotional health, intimacy, finance. After learning about relationship and connection from 2020-2023, Saturn takes you into your emotional depths to explore themes of intimacy and sexuality, trust and vulnerability, power and control. Symbolically, Saturn leads you into what I call the "8th Room", a time to face yourself and do the work. Over the next three years, you may prioritize your emotional and psychological health, starting work with a therapist or exploring other similar modalities. For some, it's also a time to focus on finance, making investments, creating wealth, working with estate lawyers, or taking a hard look at debt and taxes. For others, it's not physical wealth, it's the spiritual wealth created by doing the internal work and healing.

Virgo or Virgo Rising -- Relationships, other people, socialization, connection. Saturn's arrival in your relationship sign marks the start of a major chapter, one that will focus on building connection and partnership. It's a simple reminder that we can't do life alone, that relationship is one of the four pillars of life. Regardless of current relationship status, it's a need to reflect and audit on how you connect to others. Saturn pushes you to create equity, balance, and fairness. Not transactional equity, but a sense of even flow between you and the major connections in your life. For some, especially if single, it's the start of a major relationship, one that may lead to commitment such as marriage and/or cohabitation. For others, it's a period to do major work on an existing relationship, like a marriage, to put it back into order. A relationship may come to an end because it doesn't have the strength or commitment to continue.

Libra or Libra Rising -- Health, diet, wellness, daily living, work. Time to get down to earth. Saturn's time, from 2023 to 2026, pushes you to get serious about your health and wellness, from making positive changes to diet and fitness to addressing existing health concerns. You may be bringing ritual and practice to your daily life. It's important not to neglect your physical body during this time. For some, it's a need to take a look at the various day-to-day systems that life runs on. This means creating schedule, routine, structure, and starting projects. For others, it means getting our feet on solid ground and in reality. It may also be a time of increased duties and responsibilities, including service to others.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising -- Identity, persona, creativity, talent, children. It's been a pretty heavy 2020-2023. So, it may be heartening that your work over the next few years is to have fun. Sounds a little frivolous, but Saturn's time in Pisces is a reminder that life needs joy and passion. It's the fuel for everything. So, how will you come back to yourself? More importantly, how will you prioritize yourself? Saturn will also get you to take your talents seriously, to get clear about who you are, and what makes you who you are. For some, it's a time of creative focus and output. For others, it's a need to define identity. For a few, it may also bring pregnancy and children.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising -- Home, family, roots, foundation, living situation. Saturn's arrival in Pisces marks a major chapter in your life, one that talks about settling down, building a home, and putting down roots. Regardless of what phase of life you're in, Saturn's time may bring a major move or a need to refocus on the home environment. Someone may move in or move out of the household. This also includes needing to take care of parents or creating your own family with the birth of children. For some, the move is internal, an emotional or physical settling within oneself. A couple of the major questions driving your life at this time are, where is home and who is home? Saturn pushes you to find wisdom and maturity.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising -- Voice, communication, learning, choices. After pushing to redefine and to create material stability and security over 2020-2023, Saturn will now lead you to focus on your voice. This may mean working to speak more and standing in the authority of what you have to say and think to make sure that your voice matches the real you. For some, this is also a time to focus on education, taking classes or even teaching classes. For others, it's starting a manuscript and writing a book. It's also a serious look at the choices you're making in life and to make new choices. There may be something with a sibling to have to navigate.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising -- Money, income, value, material stability. After a heavy 2020-2023, one where you had learn to stand on your own two feet and find self reliance, Saturn will push you to find new stability and security in your life. The next three years put the focus on money, income, and your material resources. If your bank account is something that you try not to pay attention to, Saturn may feel differently. For some, it's a need to make investments, to make major purchases, such as a home or property, or to get clear about what your material life needs more of. For others, it's a serious look at finances, to get lean, create a budget, or feel the push to work harder to bring in more income. It's even a look at self worth and value as well as the currency -- physical and nonphysical -- that your life runs on.

Pisces or Pisces Rising -- The self, growing up, growing older, new beginnings. It's a major new beginning. After using the last three years to let go and make emotional and spiritual space for something new, Saturn will bring you into the start of a 30-year cycle. You may likely feel the heavy influence of Saturn in your life from 2023 to 2026, the weight of time, duty, and responsibility. It's a need to learn to stand on your own two feet, to build self reliance, leadership, authority, and maturity. For some, it's the initiation of a new phase of life, one that may bring changes in title and status. (For example, becoming a parent.) For others, it's a need to work to reach Saturn's higher bar. For a few, Saturn may bring a serious look at health as well as changes in the physical body.