Jan 2023

Sexual health is defined as a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being of a person in respect to sexuality. It refers to a healthy and positive approach to sexual relations as well as having safe and pleasurable sexual experiences. It is essential for overall health and well-being of an individual. However, sexual health problems have become very common now-a-days due to stressful and unhealthy lifestyle. It is considered to be a taboo as people considered to be a shame talking about sexual health issues.
Sexual dysfunction can happen at any phase of the sexual response cycle and prevents a person from experiencing satisfaction in sexual activity. However, there are various treatment options available but a person should talk about his or her concerns to his/her partner and physician.
Sexual health related issues are wide-ranging and include some of the following health conditions:
Sexually transmitted infections
Unintended pregnancy
Unethical practices like female genital mutilation
Sexual dysfunction
There are several causes of sexual problems. Following are the reasons responsible for sexual health issues:
Hormonal imbalance
Fear related to sexual activity
Excessive stress
Consumption of alcohol
Tobacco intake
Sexual trauma in past
Problem in marital relationship
Drug abuse
Mental health problems such as anxiety, depression
Increased blood sugar levels in blood
Heart problems
Neurological disorders
Chronic liver failure
Kidney disease
Certain medications like antidepressants
Following are the factors which increase the risk of developing sexual problems:
Increasing age, mostly above 40 years due to age related health decline
Unprotected sexual intercourse
Having multiple number of sexual partners
Starting sexual activity at an early age
The symptoms of sexual health problems are:
Delayed or absent ejaculation inspite of enough sexual arousal
Premature ejaculation
Erectile dysfunctioning, that is unable to achieve or maintain erection
Inadequate lubrication of vagina before and during sexual intercourse
Unable to relax vaginal muscles to allow sexual intercourse
Lack of sexual desire
Unable to get sexually aroused
Pain during sexual intercourse
Some of the following steps are very helpful in maintainance of sexual health:
EATING FRUITS: Some fruits help in boosting reproductive health, so their consumption helps in increasing libido. Such fruits are known as aphrodisiac fruits. Bananas, figs and avocadoes are found to be very beneficial. They provide various vitamins and minerals which promote increased blood flow to the genitals and thus good for sexual health.
EATING CHOCOLATE: Chocolate is not just delicious in taste but is helps in improving sexual pleasure. It helps in release of chemicals like serotonin which has mood lifting effect and act as an aphrodisiac. Serotonin helps in increasing blood flow to the genital tissues and thus increases sexual stimulation.
INTAKE OF HERBS: Some herbs are found to be very beneficial for improving sexual health. Herbs like garlic, basil, gingko biloba, etc act as vasodilator. They help in increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs and helps in increasing sexual desire. They help in treating erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction after menopause.
BOOSTING SELF-CONFIDENCE: If a person feels good about his/her body, then he will have more sexual pleasure in physical activity. Lack of physical exercise and unhealthy eating habits leads to poor self-image. So a person should eat healthy and do regular exercise for a good self-esteem and thus, a good sexual life.
SAY NO TO ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION: Excessive alcohol consumption lead to impairment of erection. It also inhibits a person to have orgasm. So one should avoid alcohol intake.
GET A GOOD SLEEP: In today's life busy schedule, people do not get enough time to sleep. They also find difficult to make time for sexual activity. They are often very much exhausted which lead to decreased sexual desire. By taking naps and proper amount of sleep, sexual desire gets increased and a person develops a good sexual health.
Here are some of the medications of Chandigarh ayurved center which are used for men's health:


1. Detox Premium powder
Detox premium powder is a herbo-mineral preparation containing ingredients such as jahar mohra pishti, parwal pishti, shukta pishti, shankh bhasma, kehrva pishti, moti bhasam, giloy satv, kamdudha ras, etc. This herbal powder help in overall detoxification of the body, balances pitta dosha in the body, reduces inflammation, pain, sudden pain, and improves the overall health of women, etc.
Recommended dosage:Take 1 sachet twice daily with normal water.
2. Nerve up tablet
Nerve up tablet is a herbo-mineral tablet and is the purely ayurvedic formulation. CAC Nerve up tablets helps in balancing the Vata doshas. It reduces Kapha dosha, and acts as a nervine stimulant. It shows effective results in improving the central nervous system. It contains natural ingredients like shudha kuchala, shudha shilajeet, abhrak bhasma, praval pishti, shankh bhasma etc. These contain natural vatahar properties and helps in curing Vata diseases. It acts as CNS stimulant: speed up physical and mental processes. Works in Erectile dysfunction, Body weakness, and Insomnia
Recommended Dosage:Take one tablet twice daily.
3. Ashwagandha tablet
CAC Ashwagandha tablet is an herbal and purely ayurvedic formulation. Ashwagandha has been called the kings of Ayurvedic herbs. Its root has a horsey smell. It boosts your <strong>immune systemand relieves stress. It is made from the goodness of Ashwagandha also known as Indian ginseng. It helps you recover from anxiety and depression, boost your brain. It may also modestly enhance strength performance, improve glucose metabolism, increase testosterone levels It is a good antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer and anti-stress properties.
Recommended Dosage:Take one tablet twice daily.
4. Shilajeet Satva
Shilajeet of 10gm packing is a herbo mineral and purely ayurvedic formulation. It balances all the three doshas of your body but mainly works on Kapha dosha.It is a blackish-brown powder or an exudate from mountain rocks found mainly in the Himalayas. It is an effective and safe supplement that has a positive effect on your overall health and well being. CAC Shilajit is available in the form of Shilajit Satva. It is a potent Immunity Booster and acts as an antioxidant, possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It has a tremendous effect on Male Harmones, Anaemia, Alziehmers disease, improves brain functions, Fatigueness, various Tumours and Cysts like PCOD in females.
DOSAGE: As directed by physician.
5. Men Power Plus tablet
Mostly at one age men may suffer from low self-esteem and become negative. This also occurs because they are facing problems in their sexual life. There might be early ejaculationand erectile dysfunction. A feeling of inferiority also occurs and they feel hesitate to visit a doctor or discuss this problem. It also affects their relationship and leads to fighting, divorce, loss of self-confidence, the stress in their personal life.
If a person has difficulty in having and keeping an erection more than 25% of the time, its a time for consultation. Ayurveda offers a great solution to this problem.
Provide strength to the whole body and help to relieve erectile dysfunction naturally.
All herbs are aphrodisiac, helps to increase stamina.
The best source of male hormone precursors.
Can be used by bodybuilders
Relieve impotency
Self-confidence and increase sperm count and sperm quality
These herbs are antioxidant properties, the best supplement that works in anti-aging and provides strength.
Reduce serum glucose levels
Helps to relieve hypertension
Recommended Dosage:Take one tablet twice daily.
6. Rasayan vati
Rasayan vati is herbo-mineral ayurvedic formulation, which is 100% natural. Rasayan vati contains various herbs such as Aswagandha, Shilajeet, Amla, Kesar, Musali, Shatavar, Brahmi Abhrak Bhasam, Swarn Makshik Bhasam, Yashad Bhasam, Mukta pisti, Praval pisti, Jaiphal, Vang Bhasam, Dalchini, Javitri, Gokhru, Kaunch Beej, Saunth, Mirch, Pipli, Amla, Kesar, Manjith, Anant Mool, Brahmi, Musali, Swarn Vang, etc. These ingredients show antioxidant, aphrodisiac, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic, immuno-modulator properties.
Recommended Dosage:Take one tablet twice daily.
7. Women Power Plus Tablet
CAC woman power tablet is a complete health supplement for women which is best for female health and vital energy. It helps to build up the immunity. This is a pure herbo mineral product of the best quality herbs. The herbs used are Ashoka, Shatavari, anatmool, etc. These are herbs used since ancient times to maintain female health metabolism.
DOSE- Take 2 tablet twice a day or as directed by physician.