Sun in Taurus: Stable, Grounded and Nourishing

Sun in Taurus: Stable, Grounded and Nourishing
Apr 2022

The Sun moves into Taurus on April 19/20. I've always loved that Earth Day happens while the Sun is in the earth sign of Taurus.
Since moving to Canada, the Sun moving into Taurus has become a favourite time of year for me. It's often when I notice the first flush of green in the garden and new leaf buds on the trees. I've come to think of Taurus season as a re-greening time, when trees that lost their leaves in the autumn start to flourish and leaf up again. It's such a heart-warming sight for a gardener and it means I can start to assess which plants made it through the winter, and which might need to be replaced. It also means there are likely to be some flowers coming soon to the garden which I adore.
Taurus is a fixed earth sign. It's about being present, being in your body and moving at a comfortable, measured pace. There's no hurry or rush for a planet in Taurus, but rather there's consideration, deliberation and the need to make time to enjoy simple pleasures.
During Taurus season your senses might be heightened. Take time to notice fragrances, sounds, textures, tastes and to gaze upon images that you enjoy. The Sun in Taurus season is an ideal time to be outdoors, and to ground or centre yourself through being in nature. Caring for and celebrating your physical body, no matter its shape or size, may be on your mind.
There are two different iterations to the Sun in Taurus season in 2022. The first is from April 19 - May 2, with when the Sun in Taurus is guided by Venus in Pisces. The second will be from May 2 - 21, when the Sun in Taurus will be guided by Venus in Aries.
April 19 - May 2: Sun in Taurus/Venus in Pisces
Taking time to nourish, restore, connect and enjoy will be most important during this first segment of the Sun in Taurus season, until May 2. During this time, Venus in Pisces forms a favourable sign based sextile angle with the Sun in Taurus, helping support you in pursuits that are about stabilising, replenishing, accumulating and sharing your affections with your favourite people.
May 2 - 21: Sun in Taurus/Venus in Aries
During the second segment of the Sun in Taurus, from May 2 - 21, you may be more restless, independently minded or ready to take action after a period of planning, preparation or recovery. This part of the Taurus season 2022 is guided by head strong Venus in Aries who wants to dive in, get things done and is willing to take a risk.
As the Sun moves through Taurus, it will light up and activate the topics of the Taurus part of your chart. Look to the house where you personally have the sign of Taurus for hints as to which areas of life you're ready to have become a bigger focus in the next four weeks.
And the Sun in Taurus will meet Uranus in Taurus and square off with Saturn in Aquarius causing a few hiccups along the way. More dates and details on all these aspects and more in my astrology membership.
How are you experiencing the Sun in Taurus season this year?
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