Taurus Moon: Going Slow

Taurus Moon: Going Slow
Jul 2013

Taurus Moon: Going Slow

Symbolon Venus/Taurus

I read this post, about two commitment weekends recently which sounded oh so Taurus Moon.
Sarah Wilson writes about how our weekends have become so full of trying to catch up, we're missing the point. This idea of slowing down, of doing less, or even having time in which you do nothing, maybe get a little bored, is oh so very Taurus.
Sarah writes: "The biggest challenge we face now is pushing back commitments. Life used to be about chasing and finding and accumulating information and ideas and commitments.
<strong>Now, the true art of living a good, full life lies in pushing back.
Creating boundaries, preserving your energy, keeping a piece of yourself for yourself."
Now that the Moon has entered Taurus for her monthly slow down, this might inspire you to follow suit. Think about how you might use the present focus of Taurus to protect your time and energy.
Taurus loves to live in the moment and can resist change because to Taurus, right now is oh so divine.
If you have any tips for going slow or being present please share them below!