The Future is Now: Manifesting with the Gemini New Moon

The Future is Now: Manifesting with the Gemini New Moon
Jun 2019


Artwork by HHEININGE Art

Written by: Lisa Stardust

The Gemini New Moon, which occurs June 3rd, is an optimistic and favorable time to set new goals and implement desires into reality, as the benefic fixed star Aldebaran aligns with this luminary. The caveat, is that we may feel confused and stuck as enigmatic transformative asteroid Orcus and selfish (and often abusive) asteroid Nessus create a T-Square with the New Moon. This causes tensions to arise within the self, as we are consumed with shadowy feelings of doubt and insecurity. Add in fighting asteroid Pallas to the mix, to make us fight through such emotions.

The planetary ruler of the Sun and Moon is Mercury, who is residing in Gemini at the 27th degree during this luminary. Mercury's current celestial condition yields a fierce attitude, as it's getting an energetic push from the passionate asteroids Vesta and Eres. Ixion, who is opposing Mercury, forces the minor frustration between Pluto retrograde and Mercury to intensify, creating power struggles with others and ourselves. We can overcome such adversities, by leaning into the high vibration of all these asteroids and planets. Mercury and Pluto retrograde is asking us to evolve a past dream. Both planets and asteroids want us to break away from the past and move towards the future by embracing hope and fortitude--which can only be achieved by having a different mindset.

The Sabian symbolism for this luminary allows us to achieve greatness after loss, "Through past treachery, we are granted the opportunity to begin again." This is why we must expel all negative energy from our path in order to move forward. We need to cleanse our auric field to elevate ourselves and experience peace of mind while on our new paths.

Under this New Moon, egg cleansing ( limpia) will help to strengthen our chakras and our energetic fields, paving the way for success in all endeavors. This will allow us to rid ourselves of energies that are weighing us down and standing in our way of attaining prosperity, riches, and eminence. With confidence in hand, we can achieve anything we want.

*The Gemini New Moon occurs June 3rd at 3:01AM PST and 6:01AM EST.


-Take a whole uncooked egg.
-Cleanse it with salt water.
-Hold the egg and mediate on an objective.
-Roll the egg around the chakras and objects in our immediate peripheral. Please note, that we can also use the egg to detox our private spaces, as well as our phones, computers, and cars to alleviate energetic stresses which have built up on these objects (or as a result of them). The egg will absorb negative frequencies and vibes, allowing for a purification of energy within ourselves and spaces we occupy.

-Once we are done using the egg, crack it open in a bowl to release the negativity, then dispose of it. Now, we can embrace our dreams free of constraints, with the ability to seize awesomeness.