The Hoodwitch: Weekly Horoscopes 6-7/6-13

The Hoodwitch: Weekly Horoscopes 6-7/6-13
Jun 2017

The Hoodwitch: Weekly Horoscopes 6-7/6-13

Planet Love By Aykut Aydogdu
Written by Jessica Lanyadoo
Witch Tips
It's another Full Moon this week, so get ready for your Full Moon feels to get all twirly, ya'll.
On the 9th the Moon will be Full in Sagittarius. When the Moon is full, our feels get so intense that it's hard to evade them. While this is inconvenient, it's also an important step in embodiment. This is a great time to purge, take a step inward, and seek the truth. The 9th will also bring a sextile from romantic Venus to proactive Mars, and Sagittarius's ruling planet, Jupiter, will go station Direct. All of this adds up to an important opportunity: seek the truth about the nature of your relationships. These aspects are all about the tension between feeling acutely aware of your existential aloneness and your relationships to others. You may be called upon to show up for yourself or with the folks you're enmeshed with in ways that are uncomfortable but sorely needed. You may have to dredge up old dynamics in order to finally move beyond them; don't fear the past when you can learn from it.
From the 12th-14th, the planet that governs the platonic side of relationships, Mercury, will be busy as a bee as it trines philosophical Jupiter and squares idealistic Neptune. This means we'll be contending with big plans, big ideas, and potentially some big disappointments.

The Hoodwitch: Weekly Horoscopes 6-7/6-13

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Pull in your pyrite or other grounding and clarifying stone helpers because if you're not grounded on this earthly plane, you're missing out on a huge part of the work of being an embodied person. Be wary of unvetted potential based in fantasy or projection, lovers. This is an easy time to miss out on the very real details, so double check your work and leave your serious processing to another day. Fantasy and escapism are likely with these two planets in aspect to Mercury, which could be either good or not, depending on what you're up to. If you find yourself caught off guard by anxiety, the best course is to narrow your scope of focus and concentrate only on one thing at a time. When Mercury and Neptune form hard aspect to each other, it's easy to forget to drink water and tend to your basic needs. Be gentle and patient with yourself as you navigate your way through, lovers.

March 21-April 19
Your reactions and feels are super important, but when you mistake your kneejerk responses for your heartfelt emotions, you create all kinds of drama. This week you'll benefit from sifting through your instincts to see what they're made of. If you find that you're justifying your actions because you're actually not cool with them, that's OK; it takes real strength of character to be humble. Seek the truth, even when it's uncomfortable, Aries.

April 20-May 20
This week's Full Moon is going to be a big one for you, Taurus. No one likes their stability as much as you do, and that can be a really beautiful thing. It's a mistake to decide that something is reliable when you don't have data to back it up. Let matters develop before you decide what they are. You may have to let go of the past in order to be truly open to your future. Vet the things that bring you happiness before you decide what they mean for you, my love.

May 21-June 21
The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 9th can only mean one thing - it's your Birfday season! This lunar event happens but once a year, and it's an opportunity that you shouldn't miss out on; it's your time to check in on home base. Take time to honor the people and places you call home. It's easy to get caught up in your head, but your heart needs your attention too. You may be asked to explain what you're feeling this week; don't say I didn't warn you.

June 22-July 22
You need work/life balance like never before, Moonchild. This week you may find that the energy around town is more intense than you can bear, and if so, you'll need to step your self-care game up a notch. Do the little things - like remember to breathe and to drink water - but here's another bit of homework: practice being spacious. When you find yourself caught up with something, cultivate largess of spirit around it. There's always a bigger picture; seek it, Moonchild.

July 23-Aug. 22
There's letting go of a person, a time, a situation, or even of a dream, and then there's letting go of your role in it. It's time for you to connect the dots between your patterns in relationship to others and your relationship to yourself. It's not realistic to expect your dynamics to be different outside of you when you're indulging in the same internal merry-go-rounds. Shift how you talk to yourself and the priority you place on distractions, and you'll set in motion the closure you need, Leo.

Aug. 23-Sept. 22
It's OK to not know what you want, but you've gotta own it, and then you should know that it's OK for others to not be down for that. Your job is not to control other people's feelings, but to own your own. Having healthy boundaries doesn't promise you easy dynamics with others, but it does promise that you'll have healthier problems. This week it's imperative to your wellness to show all the way up with wherever you're at in your relationships, my love.

Sept. 23-Oct. 22
Truth is not a matter of opinion, but it can be one of perspective. This week you may have to contend with some emo miscommunications. Be open to understanding others' experience of things without being so quick to defend yourself. You don't have to agree in order to really listen, but you can't listen properly when you're thinking of your rebuttals. Let this one be a week of investigation, Libra. Understanding broadens everything, even when you don't like what you see.

Oct. 23-Nov. 21
What are you most scared of? More importantly - why? What you fear says more about you than you may think, Scorpio. If you use the Full Moon on the 9th to help you investigate what you're resisting, you may make some progress in dislodging its roots from your belly. There's a deep wave running through your life this week, and if you ride it, you can enjoy some meaningful spiritual progress. Avoid it and you're likely to feel overwhelmed and confused. The choice is always yours.

Nov. 22-Dec. 21
It's your turn, 'Tarius. With the Full Moon in your sign, you've got a meaningful opportunity to get real with yourself. How you feel about the people in your life and how you feel in your body are on the table. If you are able to tolerate both, you're doing alright, and if you have a hard time with one or both, that's OK too. The energy in your life is calling in change - don't resist it. Confront things head on, and see what comes from that this week.
Dec. 22-Jan. 19
Get ready, Cappy. This week, emotions that you've been doing an excellent job of repressing are going to demand your attention. Sometimes the only way to it is through it. Instead of resisting the chaos, try being interested in it. Explore your emotions in order to better know yourself and to ultimately have a more whole relationship with yourself. Here's a pro tip for those pesky feelings: turmoil is a top layer emotion. Find the feels at the roots of your unnerved moments.

Jan. 20-Feb. 18
You're on the hook for the things you say and do, Aquarius. The ways that you behave have their consequences, and this week you may have to answer for some things that feel like ancient history to you but are very real for someone else. Even if you find that people aren't making sense to you, this is a great time to sharpen your listening skills. Active listening requires not just hearing what the other person is saying but being emotionally present when ya do.

Feb. 19-March 20
Anxiety is the worst, and while sometimes it comes on for no apparent reason, other times it's the result of either having too much going on or pushing too much down. This week Neptune will be tugging at your nerves, making it easy for you to feel over it all. Ask yourself if you need to slow down or if there's something you need to confront. Peace will come from the choices you make, not by gritting your teeth to bear it all. Take the time you need for self care, my love.