Top 15 Weight Loss Myths

Top 15 Weight Loss Myths
Jul 2022

Abstract Obesity is one of the most complex health concerns nowadays and has become a big cosmetic concern among people more than a medical concern. Everybody wants to be fit but they face difficulty in losing weight as they are surrounded by certain weight loss myths. In today's article we are going to discuss these weight loss myths and also don't worry we are here with myth busters and actual facts related to these myths. So read this article till the end if you are one of those who wanna lose weight in the correct way.

Introduction There are many recurrent weight loss myths that one stays through while it comes to one's health. It is testing at instances to separate the weight loss myths from actual weight loss facts. Many weight loss myths are usually used and seem to be ok but some are just laughable. We check once that if we drink water at night time then we are going to gain weight and if we scratch our head on a regular basis then we are going to lose our hair. So in this article we are going to burst such types of weight loss myths. Let's see further!!!!!
Weight Loss Myths With Their Busters 1. Weight Loss Myth The more weight someone has to reduce the more workout movements should be needed. Weight Loss Burster - No it's not like that, let's know why? It's good to practise exercise movements in excess but there are some factors that one has to consider. The thing is there is a different definition of excessive or intense for every individual. Just giving an example, if someone has not performe any exercise for many years, if that person runs for 2 miles they will get sweaty. And on the other side there is one person who does exercise on a regular basis and does not get sweaty at all after walking for 2 miles. So the meaning of intense for both types of person is different. So the intensity of exercise does not matter, for losing weight the time matters. So don't work on intensity while performing exercise, you must work on time giving for exercise. 2. Weight Loss Myth Stress and weight loss no longer go together. Weight Loss Burster - Above is one of the laughing myths, as this is true. Stress has a direct correlation with body weight. It may increase in some individuals and decrease in some of the individuals. 3. Weight Loss Myth Someone can lose weight by eating whatever they want. Weight Loss Burster - This statement is such a blunder, how a person will lose weight by eating whatever they want to eat. It is totally illogical to consume things like chips, twinkies, donuts, etc and wish to lose weight. This is quite obvious if you will burn out these calories by exercising but any of these are not good for your health. Being at normal weight is not considered as healthy, healthy is the one who is healthy from inside not only from physique. So avoid these types of food items to have a healthy body from inside as well outside. 4. Weight Loss Myth The right way to lose weight is to skip the ingredients. Weight Loss Burster - Skipping any of the meals is not helpful for reducing weight. It is noted that one who skips breakfast gains weight faster than those who have a good breakfast in the morning. The fact behind this is, the one who skips breakfast feels more hungry throughout the day and eats in more quantity and the one who eats a proper meal with a 2-2 hours gap will feel less hungry and eat in sufficient quantity not more, that's why they put on less weight than those who skips meals. So we advise you all kindly don't skip meals, eat frequent small meals to avoid faster weight gaining. 5. Weight Loss Myth I will no longer lose weight while eating at night. Weight Loss Burster - Such a funniest myth like breakfast, dinner is also very important. So stop skipping meals for weight loss. 6. Weight Loss Myth I ain't fit until I lose weight. Weight Loss Burster - One who doesn't feel he or she is perfect just due to the body fat, they are perfect for themselves so they feel they are not even perfect for others also. One must have to first be mentally fit to see them physically fit. The thing that matters is just to be good in front of the eyes of the god. If you are good in front of god you are good enough for others, so don't think even if you are not physically fit and don't look good enough. 7. Weight Loss Myth I have to decrease my calories intake to lose weight. Weight Loss Burster - Reducing the energy intake is an extraordinary thing in case you are stuffing your face and significantly overeating. On the other hand if you are eating proportionally rather than reducing the energy intake it will have aversive effect. If you are reducing energy and are starving this will reduce your metabolism, in other words gradually decreases. which at the end results in no reduction in the weight loss by cutting down the calories. 8. Weight Loss Myth Skipping meals will help me lose weight. Weight Loss Burster - Skipping any of the meals may motivate you surely to attain weight loss but actually it is not true it will aid in attaining weight gain instead of weight loss. Skipping one meal will make you too hungry till the second meal and you eat more. This will definitely hamper your metabolism and sluggish it down. Just giving an example, if you do not give gasoline to any of the automobiles and keep on using it, after sometime its working will cease. Same will happen with the body so we have to maintain its fueling continuously. 9. Weight Loss Myth I have a weight gain issue that is genetic and it runs in families. Weight Loss Burster - Usually it's not like that if your parents are fatty you will also be born fatty. The thing is the lifestyle and dietary habits followed by your parents will definitely be followed by you. So if parents are fat, keep working on your diet and lifestyle habits to keep yourself healthy rather than following the same. 10. Weight Loss Myth It's so hard to eat healthy. Weight Loss Burster - This fact is too wrong, once you learn how to eat healthy there is nothing easier than this in the world. How many times have you set a goal to eat healthy and to lose weight? In starting generally you follow your schedule of eating healthy to achieve the goal but after sometime you drag down back to the same things you were doing before. Relax eating healthy will hamper you for a few days and after a few days you will adapt the habit and you will start enjoying it. 11. Weight Loss Myth For losing weight it is must to provide your favourite ingredients. Weight Loss Burster - What a world looks like if someone is provided with chocolate instead of its favorite pizza, it would be tortuous enough. It's very difficult to avoid the favorite food as you eat that food on instances and it will be some uehalthy like pizza, burger and other fried items. So it is very difficult to skip these things from the meal even though you know it is unhealthy. But if you wanna lose weight it is a must to skip it from meals. If it seems difficult do one thing: reduce the instances of eating your fav. Like if you're eating it 4 times a week reduce it to 1 time a week, with this you will be happy and it will also help you in reducing weight. 12. Weight Loss Myth Hunger is used to induce overeating. Weight Loss Burster - Usually people think that if they are hungry for a longer time than once they eat after a longer time they will eat too much. Basically this is in our control that we have to eat more or less, body just indicates you to keep it fuel in rather than overeating. So this fact is totally wrong that if you are hungry for a long time it will lead you to overeat. So if you are starving for some reason then kindly don't overeat just keep in mind it's in your control. 13. Weight Loss Myth Only a strict diet works!!! Weight Loss Burster - This fact became wrong with this phrase that how rapidly a strict diet works in reducing your weight that fast your weight will be gained after starting the normal diet. So it is not about eating a strict diet while losing weight, it is just upto this that you will have to eat healthy with time to time. Eat frequent small healthy meals and follow a good lifestyle to lose weight. 14. Weight Loss Myth I'm fat and too far down the road to start. Weight Loss Burster - The above myth says that if someone is too fat it is difficult to start them to reduce weight. It's just a myth guys, if you are too much overweight then don't be sad. It's not difficult for you, stop assuming a perfection in your body after starting, just assume small changes. This will never make you degarde, the happiness you get at last is one of the best happiness in the whole world. So start a path with a little step and reach a goal as you are not on that path where sunlight does not reach. 15. Weight Loss Myth I am not able to achieve weight loss as i have started for instance but not able to achieve. Weight Loss Burster - Friends, if you tried for a long time to reduce weight and you lost, just remember one thing!!! When you fall from somewhere you stand up, after standing up you fall again and then you stand up again. See if you continuously fall down and stand up at one time you really learn how to prevent yourself from falling down. So don't degrade yourself that you are failed after trying for too much time rather than you can go for more tries and one day you will definitely achieve the goal.
Conclusion Obesity is one of the most complex health concerns nowadays and has become a big cosmetic concern among people more than a medical concern. There are many recurrent weight loss myths that one stays through while it comes to one's health. It is difficult to separate a myth from the fact of weight loss. In this article we mentioned top 15 weight loss myths with the actual facts and myth buster. You should degrade yourself with these myths instead of seeing the facts and buckle up there is nothing like these myths. If you once think to reduce weight you will definitely achieve this goal.