Transit Black Moon Lilith

Transit Black Moon Lilith
Jun 2019


I've gotten you started with how Black Moon Lilith influences you in the natal chart, so now we move to transit Black Moon Lil

ith. A transit position in astrology is the one that's currently moving through the Zodiac. As it moves, it goes through the 12 houses in your natal chart, lighting up the areas of life each house rules in its own way, and coming to certain angles to your natal planets and positions, which can bring beneficial or challenging energy to that planet or point.
Influence of Transit Black Moon Lilith Lilith stood up for herself (to un-woke Adam), so in transit, as a baseline, transit Black Moon Lilith can show where you may stand up, speak out, maybe scream and shout! (at least if you're feeling victimized, traumatized, or boxed in) If you've been holding something back, that can come out with Lilith. Speak now! This tends to be most shown through the areas of life ruled by the house Black Moon Lilith is touring in your natal chart. You can be a lot more outspoken about what you really think and feel and experience. This can also come out with Black Moon Lilith conjunct, square, or opposing a natal planet. Then you might get a little heated about it too! But it's not just for the sake of screaming and shouting. It's for the sake of trying to make seen what needs to be seen, and make people think and be more introspective so something may change for the better. We may push for honesty, revealing reality to accomplish this.

Remember that Black Moon Lilith is also a little witchy, so under Lilith transits, we may be more in tune with our inner mystic (and this can come out in the areas of life ruled by the house Lilith is touring). Under conjunctions by Lilith, that inner mystic melds with our true being. Under squares and oppositions, the mystic may come roaring out, fighting with us to get us to see something, or challenging us to embrace that side of ourselves when we're trying to be a little too practical or exert a little too much control. We need to release a little of that control (or a lot!) and trust the mystic.

Lilith transits can be great times to turn inward and start something that sets us down a new path spiritually, in a personal way, or professionally - whatever is being touched will usually set off which road you go down. This may be challenging, even painful, and we may want more understanding from those around us for what we're going through. There can be a little Plutonian energy to this though, and we likely have to do it on our own, and we have to make some deep transformation. That's much more important under conjunctions.

To note about transit Black Moon Lilith: There are two positions for Black Moon Lilith, True/Oscillating, which is the exact position, and Mean, which is the averaged out position. Lilith's movement is suuuuuuper wonky, so both are used in natal astrology. In predictive astrology, you may want to stick with Mean Lilith in transit because it can be incredibly difficult to track her movement in the True/Oscillating position (and can go back and forth between signs for a period of time, so you can easily have 1 aspect go exact like 9 times!).

While some will say that only True/Oscillating BML matters in the natal and not Mean BML, I don't find that to be the case in transit. I pretty much only follow transit Mean BML. The standard ephemeris on astro.com includes Mean BML so you can use that to track Lilith's movement (if you want to see the True/Oscillating positions for yourself, you can create an ephemeris on astro.com - go to the Free Horoscopes section, click on 'Ephemeris', then click on 'Ephemerides for other objects' and type 'h13' in the 'Manual entry' box' and generate).

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