Uranus Transits: Uranus on my Ascendant

Uranus Transits: Uranus on my Ascendant
Jun 2018

Uranus transits are known to bring shocks and surprises. They can also bring a breakthrough even if the breakthrough is sometimes preceded by a breakdown.
I've also noticed that Uranus transits speed things up, as if events move much more quickly and plans you had in mind for a few years down the track can come forward faster than expected into the present.
Since I started working with clients, Uranus has moved through Aquarius, Pisces and Aries, and is now settling into Taurus. I've seen Uranus in action in a variety of iterations, many of which I'm excited to discuss in this webinar, on Uranus in Taurus and Transits for a New Era.
Prepping for this webinar got me thinking about some of the Uranus transits I have had in the past, many of which have been life changing, both at the time in terms of how they did bring some chaos and unplanned developments, and in hindsight in terms of how the events of the Uranus transits themselves shifted my direction and focus.
Transit Uranus Conjunct My Ascendant
When Uranus went over my Ascendant, I had a totally out of the blue breakthrough around a dream job.
It was 2004 and I was in the early years of self employment. In the beginning I worked partly as a remedial massage therapist, and was building by astrology practice.
Like many people starting out, I was willing to take on almost any kind of gig that was related to health, wellness, astrology and healing - I pitched for writing gigs, looked for a variety of client work, anything really, that would allow me to make my way forward being self employed.
Working full time as an astrologer was my goal; I really wanted to be my own boss. I wanted variety in my work and was happy to write, teach or see clients.
I'm not sure where the idea to write came from, but I remember sending off email after email to different editors, hoping they might have an astro writing opportunity. I pitched horoscope columns, features, special interest pieces all tied to astrology.
Many times I'd send off emails and never hear back.
But then one day, an editor actually replied.
"Great timing! We have an astrology annual coming out and need someone to write horoscopes. 2500 words."
"OMG!" I thought. I just might have a writing gig.
"So if you need 2500 words that's like 200 words per sign? With a short intro of about 100 words?" I replied to clarify
"No, it's 2500 words per sign. Total 30,000 words," said the editor.
I wondered if I could even do this. It was a huge project and the deadline was relatively short.
But I am always up for a challenge, especially when hard work is involved, and so I jumped at the chance. The pay cheque was enough that I could basically just do this for the next few weeks, potentially get everything done, and still be able to cover my rent.
That company was Universal Media Co, publishers of the annual WellBeing Astrology Guide.
More than 14 years later, I still write - and, since 2007, edit - for WellBeing Astrology.
All because I sent off a few cold call style emails many, many, many moons ago. I didn't time it that way, but I had the support of wild card Uranus on side for an unexpected breakthrough.
It was as if, during this Uranus transit, I found a secret door to access publishing opportunities that can be hard to find.
I've noticed that clients too experience this, where in a Uranus transit they find a weird or unusual exception is made for them/their situation, or they finally get into something they have been trying to crack.
Have you had a big Uranus transit? What did you experience?