Jul 2022

Nowadays the problem of BP has become common, whether it is high blood pressure or low blood pressure people think that high blood pressure is dangerous for people, but it is not that low blood pressure can also bother
In this, people feel dizzy at any time and people start trembling in their hands and feet, as well as you also get nervous
Heavy sweating and clammy skin
Loss of consciousness
Blurry vision
Rapid and shallow breathing
Weak and rapid pulse
Lemonade: it helps to control the blood pressure or lower the blood pressure . Coffee when the blood pressure is low Consumption of coffee increases the blood pressure level. Coffee consumption is very beneficial for low blood pressure patients.
Consumption of sweet things: consume sweet things when blood pressure is suddenly low. Consuming sweet things also increases the blood pressure level.
Consumption of salty things: salty things can also normalize blood pressure level. You can also consume salty things when the blood pressure is suddenly low.
Benefits of doing yoga and exercise Patients with low blood pressure should exercise or practice yoga daily. By doing yoga and exercising daily, one can get rid of the problem of low blood pressure.
Cross legs while sittin Crossing the legs while sitting has been shown to increase blood pressure. For people with high blood pressure, this can be a problem For people with low blood pressure symptoms, crossed legs may help increase blood pressure with minimal effort.
Tulsi leaves are the best option to treat low blood pressure at home. It contains various minerals such as potassium and magnesium that help to keep your blood pressure under control. Tulsi leaves are rich in vitamin C, and antioxidants named Eugenol may keep our blood pressure in range.
Green tea: contains many antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that make it an option to treat low blood pressure also inhibit the function of the hormone responsible for keeping arteries dilated
Increase vitamin intake : vitamin intake could be the best option to manage blood pressure. If rarely consume foods rich in Vitamin B12 people might become anaemic, which can cause the problem of low blood pressure. So make sure that diet should be rich in all vitamins.
Carrot Carrot and spinach juice can be beneficial to lower blood pressure. For this, drink about 200 grams of carrot juice mixed with a quarter of spinach juice.
Buttermilk Mixing salt, roasted cumin in buttermilk it keeps blood pressure under control and helps in keeping the pressure in a normal state.
Cinnamon taking cinnamon powder daily with hot water, for this use it in the morning and evening.
Amla Juice If there is a complaint of dizziness due to low BP, eating gooseberry juice mixed with honey gives quick relief and also gooseberry jam can also become a better option for blood pressure patients.
Date: Boiling dates in milk and drinking it is also beneficial in the problem of low blood pressure. You can also drink milk after eating dates.
Ginger Make small pieces of ginger, mix lemon juice and rock salt in them and keep them. Now keep eating it in small amounts every day before meals. You can also consume it 3 to 4 times a day. By doing this, the problem of blood pressure will end in a few days.
Tomato juice by adding a little black pepper and salt. This will benefit in low blood pressure in no time
Beet juice Beet juice proves to be very beneficial in keeping low blood pressure normal consuming it daily in the morning and evening improves blood pressure in a week.
Drink at least eight glasses of water and other drinks daily.
Reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the diet.
Increase the amount of salt in the food.
If the blood pressure decreases after eating, then eat small amounts. Instead of eating large amounts three times a day, eat small amounts six times a day. Take some rest after eating.
Reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the diet.
not lifting heavy objects
not standing in one place for a long time
raising the head of their bed
avoiding prolonged exposure to hot water
drinking more fluids when exercising or on hot days