Week Ahead Aspects: December 9 – 15

Week Ahead Aspects: December 9 – 15
Dec 2013

Doors may open this week as two key supportive trine aspects form.
Tuesday brings a Mercury/Uranus trine, which can create unexpected opportunities. Mercury/Uranus may bring a bright but wild idea.
Daring to express your authentic truth - even if it's unconventional - can help.
A twist in your plans may bring a surprising opportunity. Communication is key to adding excitement and satisfaction.
A mental breakthrough is possible. As you consider an alternative possibility you may realise what you thought was a problem is no longer a concern.
Between December 8 - 18 Jupiter and Saturn trine, across Cancer and Scorpio respectively.
With Jupiter and Saturn working together, long term structures or plans that are meaningful can be put in place. This pairing highlights the value of sustained effort in bringing to life a long held dream.
Slow and steady may be key to lasting success or fulfillment.
This ongoing Jupiter/Saturn trine (first formed in July 2013, and will form again in May 2014) can help you create a solid foundation for ongoing happiness.
Of this aspect, Ebertin writes 'Patience (achieving success through perseverance)'. It may provide a sense of protectiveness, forcing you to slow down and do things right, so what you're creating has a better foundation and thus increased potential for success.
Mercury/Uranus occurs across 8 Aries and 8 Sagittarius. Jupiter/Saturn activates 18 Cancer/Scorpio.
Are these degrees significant for you? Do you know which houses aka topics they activate in your chart?