What Kind of Cosmic Energy is Coming Your Way This December?

What Kind of Cosmic Energy is Coming Your Way This December?
Dec 2022

Welcome to December, lovelies! We've made it to the final month as we begin to wrap up 2022 and move into a brand new year. Currently, it's a busy time, full of accelerated cosmic shifts designed to transform your life. Exciting new spiritual energies will be coming online, and it is all about helping bridge the codes and spiritual information that will help us create the next chapter.
Essentially December is known as the twelfth month. However, the collective numerology of December 2022 carries the "number nine" vibrations of completeness, perfection, and karma.
The energy of 9 also holds the magnetic rhythm and vibrations of:
New beginnings and self-confidence
Fulfillment of one cycle into the next
Invokes ideas of inspiration, courage, and spirituality
Learning to trust your inner guidance and connection to divine consciousness
What to Expect Astrologically in December 2022
December is full of spontaneous spiritual awakenings, preparing us for a brand-new year where creative energy, intention, manifestation, and all 5th-dimensional energies will dominate.
The collective is fresh out of Eclipse season, with this month's energies opening a completion cycle, which is perfect for the year's final month.
Neptune goes direct at the beginning of the month, leaving only one outer planet in retrograde. However, Mars is still retrograding through Gemini and will join this month's Full Moon. And Mercury begins retrograding at the end of this month.
The Sun in Sagittarius stimulates awareness and inspires a deeper connection to your truth before moving into Capricorn. Where commitment, discipline, patience, and structure reside.- Shifting us from expansion to boundaries.
Mid-month ushers in Solstice and brings an opportunity to complete cycles and move into a new chapter after reflecting on the wisdom gained from the previous phase.
2022 called us to review our relationship with life and what we desire. It also called us to shed the baggage and step into a greater sense of empowerment- into a place of knowingness that allows us to see the truth in this dimension. We are no longer participants in rituals that shape us; we are facilitators.
And it is time to shut the doors that lead to nowhere and prepare for adventures in the coming year.
Despite all the challenges handed to you over the year, you arrived on time, stronger, more confident, and empowered than ever. Energetic shifts this month ask you to reflect on what happened over the last 12 months and to integrate those lessons from a more mature and compassionate perspective.
Suppose you feel out of alignment and unbalanced this month. Take time out for pampering and self-care. It's ok to slow down! Pause, reflect, and establish boundaries in your life.
Now, let's take a closer look at the astrology forecast for December 2022.
December 2: Sun and Antares
The Galactic Truth
The Sun aligns with Antares, one of the four royal stars, on December 2nd. It opens a stargate that allows us to receive new insights and intuitive downloads to balance our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies.
Antares is heavily connected to the energy of Mars and Jupiter and is said to initiate change and manifest a greater spiritual connection and divine metamorphosis. It is also said to be the resting place for souls as they transition out of their earthly bodies and travel to different realms. The current energies of this alignment open our hearts to remind us of the power of death and rebirth. This teaches us to honor the cycles, seasons, and rhythm of life.
December 3: Neptune Direct
Accessing Higher Inspiration
After five months of retrograde, Neptune, the planet of illusion, creativity, dreams, mysticism, and the collective unconscious, goes direct, 22 degrees in Pisces. Neptune is the most mystical of the celestials, acting as the force of unconditional love by lifting the veil of illusion. On the other hand, Neptune is also often considered the planet that brings fogginess, dissolution, and confusion. Every time a planet stations direct after retrograding, we are encouraged to implement what we learned and reflected upon, to take the initiative from a different level of consciousness and more profound self-knowledge.
While retrograde, Neptune expanded awareness, truth, and the unknown. Now that Neptune is direct, we apply the wisdom gained during RX, thus ridding ourselves of judgment and other negative thoughts. Neptune is very at home in Pisces, as it is the ruling planet of Pisces. This transit invites you to quiet the mind and tune into your intuition. Deepen your compassion, empathy, and self-awareness. Follow your spiritual code and learn self-purification and compassionate acceptance.
December 6: Mercury Enters Capricorn
Grounded Communication and Thought Processes
Mercury, the messenger of wisdom, inspiration, and youthfulness, is leaving its place of adventure and heading into a more reserved state in Capricorn. Mercury in Capricorn is a powerful opportunity for the mind to regain a higher position, allowing us to become more aware of how to use the human mind as an extension of the divine mind.
As a result, we'll be more inclined to buckle down and get to work. There's a stronger sense of dedication, discipline, and a need to get things done. Mercury in Capricorn is here to bring us back to reality and help us turn those dreams into actions.
Expect a more serious, blunt and direct, straight-to-the-point style of communication.
December 7: Full Moon in Gemini
Resolving Inner Conflict
A Full Moon arrives in Gemini on December 7th, the last and final release of 2022.
A Full Moon represents a potent peak in the lunar energies ripe for culmination, change, manifestation, and revelations. This Full Moon carries fiery, spunky, and explosive power. And it's here to strengthen and support confidence in our sense of self and the spiritual practice of self-reflection.
The Full Moon takes place 16 degrees in Gemini, the sign of the twins, which is a symbolic representation of the interplay between dualities and paradoxes or the pairs of opposite forces in conflict. Gemini is the zodiac's curious flirty, social butterfly. The Mercurial ruled Air sign encourages awareness, youthfulness, balance between mind and emotion, social variety, creativity, and mental intelligence. The Full Moon ushers in a two-week energetic portal during which agreements, conversations, discussions, and future plans will move into the spotlight.
Profound shifts that develop for many during this time can feel life-changing and inspirational, giving a burst of innovating energy needed to set the stage for growth in the upcoming seasons.
This Full Moon supports the following themes:
Sorting out finances
Deep conversations
Healing the nervous system
Balancing emotion and logic
Youthfulness and childlike expression
Creativity, music, poetry, and other forms of art.
Diving deep into the meaning and importance of significant relationships
The Sun and Moon oppose Mars retrograde, triggering underlying fears, emotions, and insecurities we've been holding on to. It's an emotionally charged time, and you'll want to avoid projecting inner tensions and unresolved issues onto relationships. The New Moon and Mars retrograde combination can also influence energy levels.
So, spend time exploring what brings peace and makes you happy. Engage in self-care practices to combat exhaustion, restlessness, and stress. When handling these energies, turn to sound healing, soothing teas, crystals, affirmations, and meditation for the Root, Solar Plexus, and Throat chakra.
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December 9: Venus Enters Capricorn
The Heart's Desire For Commitment
After adventuring in Sagittarius, Venus, the goddess of self-worth and inner treasures, enters Capricorn until January 2nd, 2023. Venus is the planet of relationships, love, beauty, finances, sensuality, and values. Capricorn is a zodiac sign of commitment and structure. When together, this transit promotes an appreciation for well-formed, well-integrated structures and interconnections between people.
When we think of Venus' elements, they help us understand how we rationalize our desires into needs, wants, requirements, and necessities and how we achieve them. Moving through a Saturnian-ruled sign, the energies help us commit through discipline and patience, better to express our hidden potential and most significant strength.
Overall, increasing harmony and a deeper connection in relationships, finances, social relations, and other Venusian-ruled aspects.
December 18: Sun Conjunct Galactic Center
Connecting to Your Cosmic Origins
On Sunday, December 18th, the Sun crosses the Galactic center, emitting supercharged energies that open the subconscious mind, urging us to release old emotional wounds and traumas. The Galactic center is a lifeline or phoneline to other dimensions, connecting us to our cosmic origins.
The Galactic center sits about 26-27 degrees of Sagittarius, representing expansion, freedom, and truth. You can expect moments of inspiration and clarity during this time, connecting you deeper to your Soul's truth. Venus recently crossed the Galactic center, softening the antennas in our hearts so we may hear the divine within. Engage in meditation to connect deeply with the current energies.
December 20: Jupiter Enters Aries
Mental Purification and Spiritual Truth
On December 20, Jupiter, the largest and most majestic of the planets, leaves the soothing waters of Pisces and enters the fire of manifestation in Aries. This is Jupiter's final trip in Aries until 2034, and as a result, we can expect the change that evokes awareness, providing the opportunity for a quantum leap in consciousness. However, it's important to remember that even quantum leaps require patience, discipline, strength, trust, and love to calibrate the energies sustainable for integration.
Jupiter in Aries gifts boundless optimism, courage, confidence, and an entrepreneurial spirit. The current energies are all about initiation and action, a serious wake-up call from a deep trance. Don't be afraid to embrace the unknown when the possibilities start with you. This is a celebration and a homecoming ceremony to a brighter pathway ahead.
December 21: Solstice & Capricorn Season Begins
Today is a magical time of the year, which marks the start of not only Capricorn season but Solstice, an honoring of the light and dark within. In the northern hemisphere, the solstice brings the longest night of the year and the start of winter. In the southern hemisphere, the solstice brings the longest day of the year and the onset of summer. You can consider Winter solstice a rebirth; from here, the days begin to get longer, and the Sun shines brighter. Thus, symbolizing faith, hope, integration, and positivity.
In addition, Capricorn season begins. Happy Solar Return, Capricorn! It has been long awaited, but your season is finally here, starting with fantastic energy.
Capricorn is the light of initiation and the zodiac that restores your capacity to connect with the highest level of authority you contain. This Cap season encourages you to explore your source of authority and power, activate it, and take responsibility for it. It's about structuring dreams into reality, believing in yourself, and committing to your purpose.
Don't let past failures stop you from goals. Be willing to put in the work for your future legacy!
December 23: New Moon in Capricorn & Chiron Direct
Higher Dimensional Paradigms
A New Moon arrives in Capricorn on Friday, December 23rd. A New Moon is when the Sun conjuncts the Moon representing the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28-day cycle. That gives a refreshing burst of energy and initiative. But it also calls for emotional balance. This is the last and final New Moon of 2022 that will provide you with a dynamic boost to accomplish your New Year's resolutions.
Pat yourself on the back and hug yourself because you've wrapped up another challenging year. You should be proud of yourself!
All the signs can take advantage of this beautiful New Moon energy. Capricorn inspires discipline, commitment, structure, ambition, responsibility, goal setting, and resourcefulness. That encourages you to set goals that reflect where and who you wish to be in the future. Capricorn also seeks material status, gain, and yearns to reach new heights through more remarkable achievements, acting as a bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds.
The New Moon is tightly squared Jupiter, generating opportunities for spiritual enlightenment and advancement of status. There's a need to heal insecurities that cause you to want to prove yourself to others. Try to channel any fears of lack or issues with security into productivity and optimism rather than magnifying fears.
Other themes you can expect with this new more are:
Starting a new chapter in life
Healing issues with femininity, family, or heavy emotions
Embracing your worth and value, both individually and collectively
Taking a rational approach toward challenges and problems
Accessing the strength to push through life's adversities
Opportunities to build a bridge and connect the spiritual, physical, and economic planes.
Managing emotions and taking a logical approach toward plans and pursuits
In addition, Chiron, the "Master/Healer Teacher," goes direct an hour after the New Moon, providing a safe space to lean into discomfort to benefit your health and healing. Chiron direct shows the source of our inner anguish and wounds and how we can heal them. And with Chiron clashing with the New Moon, we are encouraged to let go of past disappointments, resentments, and emotional wounds.
However, you'll need to watch for extra exhaustion. So, tap into your self-care bag to help combat any heavy energies that rise to the surface. Meditate on healing, change, rebirth, goals, and transformation.
December 29: Mercury RX 24 Capricorn
Healing The Crown & Root Chakra
The fourth and final Mercury retrograde<strong> of 2022 arrives on December 29th to help you start the New Year off right.
Mercury is the winged messenger of the Gods, the chatty trickster that governs all forms of communication, the mind, the nervous system, travel, and technology. Three to four times a year, the messenger appears backward in the skies, providing an opportunity to realign and reset our communication and other Mercurial functions.
As a result, we tend to feel foggy and confused in our thought processes and can have a more challenging time articulating our feelings. As a result, conversations, negotiations, technology, and travel tend to go haywire, targeting the areas of life ruled by Capricorn, an Earth, Saturnian-ruled sign known for its ambition, discipline, and devilish side.
During this retrograde, you may experience work setbacks and clashes with authority, family, goals, and reputation. However, Mercury Rx in Capricorn awakens a higher vision, where thoughts come down to earth, ideas are realistic, and both thinking and communication become very clear. Everything you do has a powerful effect currently.
So, take a step back and watch what unfolds because it's all about delivering you to a whole new of thinking about who you are, what you are capable of, and why you are here. Necessary circumstances will clear away the old and deliver you to a brand-new chapter. Please do your best to relax through it.
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Use these Energy Tips for December
Undoubtedly, December triggers significant personal changes and illuminates the power of the Soul. It's a busy season as we wrap up an eventful year. Yet, an illuminating and sharp burst of clarity emerges this month, and time to elevate to a new space within.
This month's oracle card is the "Pyramid of light" step your vibration deeper into love, brought to you by the Isis Oracle Deck.
This oracle confirms that you are growing spiritually, which requires a greater level of discipline, responsibility, and skill to blossom and thrive even deeper. However, it also indicates that negative energies are causing interference with your path, and it's time to step your vibration deeper into unconditional love.
Nevertheless, there is nothing to fear because no energy can interfere with you without your permission. If you feel you have unconsciously given your permission away, find a place of peace and love within to clear any distortions and psychic cords.
As the seasons change, we must apply a greater awareness of our purpose and unique spiritual capabilities. So, slow down and lean into introspection.
Expect profound insights and moments of inspiration and clarity.
Make productive use of these energies by:
Reading an uplifting book
Freeing yourself from judgment
Focusing on your hobbies and goals
Practicing a regular sense of compassion and gratitude
Finding a sense of adventure and light-heartedness in both home and work
Engaging in meditation, mindfulness practices, energy clearing, and yoga
In summary, December brings alchemical heat that sets the stage for spiritual and creative growth, moving into a new chapter. It's the wrap-up and ceremonial release of everything that no longer serves you and eliminating unhealthy habits and cycles of self-sabotage, guilt, pain, resentment, etc.
Sharp turns and surprises clear the way for something grand. When you shed fears, you reclaim the spark of your Soul. Then, gifts of the magic of the heart open for you. So, open your heart and remember your ancient power.
This month, practice surrendering instead of fueling triggered reactions. When we fuel those reactions, we find ourselves bound to scenarios and energies of the past, reacting to cycles and narratives we've already experienced. Instead, there is infinite potential within each moment when you surrender and trust in the divine plan. Forget what you think you need and embrace what you truly need. Trust in something greater! It's time to walk in confidence.
May 2023 be filled with abundance, love, peace, prosperity, and strength to overcome adversity and any challenges that may stand in your way.
With love, December 2022.