When Your Partner Is More Likely to Commit

When Your Partner Is More Likely to Commit
Dec 2013

There are times when your partner is less receptive to commitment, but the opposite is also true. Certain transits and progressions can nudge someone towards marriage, or at least a deepening of the bond with their lover. As always, you must look at your partner's natal potential for commitment. And, you must consider the synastry and composite charts for the two of you. But if these areas look strong, and one or more of the influences below activates your partner's chart, they might be interested in taking your relationship to the next level.
Progressed 1st/7th House Axis: A Whole New Relationship
When the Descendant (7th House cusp) changes signs by progression, it's a rare event. There will be a noticeable shift in your partner's approach to relationships. Certain signs are more conducive to stability and solidification, and your partner will view their relationship through the lens of that sign. For example, the DC progressed into Scorpio can bring increased intensity and all-or-nothing commitment. Taurus can enhance stability and the urge to put down roots. The tradition-loving signs of Cancer/Capricorn can also increase commitment. Your partner's Progressed DC in Cancer suggests that he or she is ready to nest and wants to establish a safe relationship. In Capricorn, they'll become serious (even ambitious) about their love life: No more fooling around. Note that when the Descendant changes signs, the Ascendant shifts as well; your lover will develop a new identity to go along with their new take on partnership. The 1st/7th House axis occupies a new sign for about forty years.
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Progressed Moon in the 7th House: In the Mood for Partnership
This is one of the classic, commitment-ready influences. The 7th House represents partnerships, and when the Progressed Moon enters this house, a person's needs have evolved to the point where they want to ally themselves with someone. This can be true no matter what sign their Progressed Moon is in. The bachelor/bachelorette feels the urge to share their life. A person who's already involved will be considering what's next in their relationship. If things are going smoothly, this could mean marriage.
However, change is change, and sometimes it stirs things up. When the Progressed Moon enters any house, the needs around the affairs of that house will be examined. If an existing relationship is under stress, this progression can sometimes trigger a separation. The Progressed Moon person may decide that their partnership does not meet their needs. But this will only happen if the relationship is struggling to begin with. Overall, this is the time when someone is strongly aware of how another meshes with, or challenges, their heart. The Progressed Moon takes about two to three years to move through one house.
Progressed Moon in Taurus: Making it Real
Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign. It's concerned with the basics: survival, longevity, comfort and procreation. When your partner's Moon progresses into this sign, their needs will gear down and become focused on those Taurus themes. They will be less interested in starting something new (the fresh starts occurred when their Progressed Moon was in Aries). Instead, they'll want to consolidate what has already begun. Existing relationships can move to the next level of commitment under this influence. Change and excitement is not appealing, but establishing a firm, domestic foundation is. Generally, this is not a time when someone will be actively looking for a new partner (unless this progression is happening in their 7th House). But if they are looking, they'll be quite selective about who they invest their emotions in. The Progressed Moon takes about two to three years to move through one sign.
Saturn Transits: Getting Serious
Trines from transiting Saturn (the planet of responsibility, maturity and rules) to the natal Sun, Moon or Venus can be the final nudge that convinces someone to settle down. This aspect is fairly low key, so other commitment-enhancing influences would have to be in effect at the same time. But a trine from Saturn can act as an anchor, stabilizer or mild reality check. It's not so strong (like the conjunction, square or opposition) that your partner will feel trapped or depressed. For example, a trine from transiting Saturn to natal Venus can make your partner more realistic and focused about relationships. A trine from Saturn to the natal Sun can enhance their drive to build something structured.
While you might think that Saturn transiting over the 7th House cusp would be associated with romantic commitment, this heavy influence is usually associated with relationship tests. Saturn's energy will confront your partner with the realities of their union. They will be pushed to fully comprehend, and deal with, the relationship dynamics. Wherever Saturn moves through the chart is where work needs to be done; things do not come easily. The positive side of this transit is that if a relationship passes these tests, it will be that much stronger.
For those who are single, I have seen transiting Saturn bring a new relationship, but it usually feels very heavy to the 7th House person. There are some significant responsibilities attached to it (for example, a new lover may have children). The 7th House person may hesitate before establishing a full-on commitment, although they will feel pressured to. Saturn transits to a natal planet can last from three months to one year, and its passage through one house can last from two to three years.
Jupiter Transits: I'm Ready
When transiting Jupiter makes hard aspects (conjunction, opposition, square) to the Sun, Moon, Venus, or enters the 7th House, a person is ready for more. Often, that's just what they'll get. Jupiter through the 7th House can bring a brand new, expansive relationship. Jupiter aspecting the Moon can pump up feelings of optimism and nurturing; your partner will have more to give. These transits expand the sense of possibility, so they can sometimes make commitment seem like a grand idea.
However, here's the caveat: A Jupiter transit promises much, but unless it's backed up by more grounding influences (such as the ones mentioned above) it can result in a relationship ending as quickly as it began. Once the transit passes and Jupiter's magical glow has faded, there will need to be an underlying readiness to dig in for the long haul. Jupiter transits to a natal planet can last from one to six months, and its transit of one house can last for just over a year.
So, not all astrological influences cause upheaval and romantic rupture (although it can seem that way). However, be aware that if your partner (or prospective partner) has aspects in their chart that make commitment challenging, or if your relationship is not meant to last, no amount of commitment-enhancing influences will "convince" someone that it's time to settle down.[/show_to]
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